• This is close to where I live in Tay Ho district in Hanoi.

  • Evening sets in along Truc Bach lake in Hanoi. The big buildings are the EVN twin towers.

  • And a great day, burgers, beer, more beer by my sweet lily and I. Nice evening. Thanks Hanoi. You are so cool.

  • When the sun slides down by west lake. I always stop to ponder. Or not.

  • Today my friend Lily comes to Hanoi from Can Tho Vietnam. She will spend a few weeks here visiting, eating, drinking and being teased. Can’t wait!

  • Sunset in Hanoi. So beautiful here.

  • intro of sorts

    My real first post. Just a kinda sorta introduction. I’m retired and have been living in Southeast Asia for some years. Lived in Cambodia for awhile, slowly vagabonded around Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Taiwan. Spent Japan and Hong Kong. Now for almost a year have lived in Hanoi Vietnam. This is my favorite city for food, fun, photography, living. I’ve been exceedingly fortunate to have some wonderful Vietnamese friends scattered around the country from the Mekong delta to Saigon and here. My time is coming up though. In February I leave Vietnam for a short visit to the US and then on to Mexico for the rest of the year. I don’t know I will be back next year to wonderful, sometimes strange, but always fun Southeast Asia. I’ve loved it here immensely.

    This blog will be about travels, food, drink, and slowly moving however I want to. There will be some photographs sprinkled in now and again. Right now mostly of Hanoi. I’m blessed to have this life. Life has been exceedingly good to me. Even if I am an irritating old retired guy.

  • My primary blog is moving from write.as to here. I will be making dns changes later today and reverting the write.as blog back to a write.as domain. I’ve tried maintaining two blogs and I cannot. I gave up here a few times and went back. Later today will change the A record at my registrar. Glad to be here.

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