Technology Changes Us

There’s a subtle and not so subtle shift to the effect and impact that technology has on our lives. I’ve become pretty certain that open source enables change across the board. It seems to create, build, and widen transparency of use, adoption, and then it allows us to change it while it changes us. That’s power folks.

From my archeological perspective, I remember when I did that science and even art looking with wonder at basic tools like projectile points and other flaked stone tools that people skillfully and artfully made. But I believe that the stone tools changed us and we changed them. They gave us the ability to hunt and kill but they also widened trade networks, encouraged verbal and non-verbal histories to develop, and also created the need for artisans and craftsmen to get better. People did not start out skilled at using that hard stone called chert to make things or sharp obsidian. It was a two-way thing. We and it created the change.

Lets get on to modern change though. We have two prevailing mobile operating systems I believe and each offers a thing to us. I’ve been doing the android thing for years. I’ve enjoyed it but a thing has started bothering and perplexing me. We seem to not have the vehicle of change enabled with the OEM and ODM vendors. They do not empower the change but only sell the devices. We don’t see the wonders of Nougat on relatively new hardware. Some will never see it. Then we have Apple or IOS products. These products are centrally controlled and that can be a good thing ™. It allows our devices to be maintained and managed and updated by Apple which means the whole timing and pace of change is simplified. Its not a choice between a walled garden and an open view any longer. There are bad things out there which can cause problems to our devices and our use.

The real thing has always been use. What device or platform can you use with the most decisiveness and speed? What gives you the change and then you propel yourself as an agent of change? I think we all need to feel a change to stay focused and fresh and be able to see a new thing. The Note 7 made me see that I had beaten down that path repeatedly and I think I’ll change a few more things.

To make phone land survive, I received an loaner iPhone 7 128gb model today to replace my Note 7. To be honest, I’ve been considering a sea change of devices anyways. Sometimes the whole ecosystem I find myself in seems tiring and the challenge seems to leave. Perhaps this is the proverbial projectile point change and then all the changes that come about with the projectile point I am feeling.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.