When its Sunday Morning, we excel

And not word and powerpoint either. We sit at the McDonalds for breakfast on their wifi. Read the news and continue to test the keyboard inputs for the ipad pro 9.7 device we are not using to make our lives more fun. Yes “we” means “I”. I am branding this as ours because I felt like it. I’ve tried a few keyboard setups with the ipad pro including those that do smart connectors. I’m not a convert to those. When we get to bluetooth keyboards the Logitechs seem to rule. Perhaps a review is inevitable on Amazon for the specific model I am using. Maybe not.

My main message is on this Sunday with the rain falling and the sky threatening I’m feeling the need to walk. Its been two days and this old body needs that release rain or shine. So this afternoon I’ll go forth, get wet, and enjoy it immensely. Laundry and chores can wait on my only weekend day this week. 


There is always work and I’m fortunate to have what I have. I left another place that was a disaster for this place. The old place regaled me with dress codes, no working at home, strange rules about the team I supported. Nothing made sense and I am not a good travel advisor or planner. I don’t do good when people add “other tasks as assigned” and then tell me that those tasks are really meant to test me and I failed on so many fronts. So I said screw them and their tasks. I found another thing and its better and it turned to full-time and it made life much better for me. In another two weeks I’ll be done with the migrations I am held to and I’ll shift groups to the PMO team that wants me. All is good in the land of work. Lets talk


Because play is as important as work. To make work matter you need play. Play is like the other side of the brain coming up for air and questioning the facts of work. It makes you want to walk, to run, but mostly to want the experience. But without work, play would be a meaningless experience. We need play and most definitely Play. The big Play is the one that makes the mind and soul and feelings come together on a Sunday morning with no real responsibilities and duties and all day to do them. I don’t need another to do Play. Its not linked to another person complaining or telling me this is not fun or Fun. Nope. Play is a personal thing and it lets the mind and body jettison the old things and tasks and milestones and lets a person simply be. I don’t think we understand it completely yet we need it

I’ll leave this here for now and see if anyone ever finds the new place I’m blogging. I’ve blogged other places for over 10 years. I had my own self hosted wordpress site with the same name. I’ve blown things out and realigned them so many times. This site is meant to stretch to a new thing which is out there. We get old but we never lose the desire to find a thing out there. I’ll re-plan the plan because a plan is just that without goals. Goals are not there without milestones along the way. And when the milestones all reach 100% its time. Time to fly boys and girls. 

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.