Adventures with a Macbook Air

I decided to buy a newer laptop than the usual things I get. I went for the early 2015 Macbook Air 13.3 inch screen. I have not been a person historically that has wanted one but we all need to have new things to learn in our lives. The Air has so many nice things and a few less than nice things that I will continue to use it and learn it. The things I like are the responsiveness, design, touchy feely stuff, and the fact you get rsync, a terminal, and other goodies with it by default. It also has a familiar yet unique feel when using it and it is taking me time to get used to its use. Some things are radically different so I am  learning slowly, experimenting, seeing how it works. Some things I don’t like. It only has a 128gb ssd drive in it so I will be looking to replace it next year. That seems very small when applications like office are multiple gb of themselves. Meanwhile I can use it though. I still have about 80gb free.

Some of the things which take getting used to are how packages are installed. I guess I am too used to the bad side of Windows and the lesser bad side of Linux. OSX installs things differently. I don’t know that I dislike it.

Its also a very clicky draggy thing. I like that but it takes some getting used to. Things that swirl away that offer different views in the UI. The three little red, yellow, and green menu buttons. All different yet if you have used a PC, you can find yourself at home.

The laptop pairs up with my iPhone which is different. A word about the iPhone is in order I guess. I am a longtime Android guy. I profess to loving that form factor so much. But then the Note 7 came along and I had to trade in two of them only to find out it was discontinued. At that point, I wanted something I could just use, that would get updates, and would have a nice package selection. I also wanted the preferred alternative for company mail which is IOS. So I switched. I have looked back more than once when I see a new android phone coming out. It does grab me. But it does not hold me any longer. I am far from a Apple lover. I probably distrust and hate Apple more than ever but I also acknowledge that its a platform I can use day to day. Now with the Air laptop, I extend things to another direction there. Perhaps I should just buy the Apple Watch 2 :-).

Anyways, after a few weekends of work and migrating applications from one data center to another; its all come to me that I want some stability in things. I want a form factor that does not burst into flames, that is pleasant to use. A platform I can extend but not embrace. Make sense?

It don’t matter if it doesn’t. This is my techno revivial and not yours 🙂

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