There’s always a time for Tech

Way back when, I walked a few dusty roads down in the western Mojave Desert. I got to see things which perhaps others never have. Fantastic and mysterious things in the desert. Things seen sleeping in a sleeping bag under the stars. Belly filled with homemade chili and too much warm Bud beer. There I saw stars shoot overhead and the dark sky was like a blanket twisted all around at the buttes. I would fall asleep sometimes perhaps remembering that others walked the same place thousands of years ago and I as the archeologist then wanted to find their passing. Perhaps a tool that was used to kill or scrape a hide. Maybe a painting on the side of a cliff that was their blog on their tech and on a chance or planned encounter with an animal that then filled their bellies and became their midnight stare at the sky.

But tech was wrapped around this. The tool, the making of the tool, use of the tool. Lets go one step further though. How the tool got there and how that complex silicate chert became a staple of use. Not just an accident of stone mind you. This was a planned thing and people wanted that stone. It was not just stone. It was trade and social values and economies. I believe stone meant so much more than just a chance encounter with an animal. It was tech. Tech that refined and built and then the tech was traded and did it again.

Think about how we do it now with tech. We use tech but it uses us too. We trade in it and it moves about across cultural boundaries through at jet speed. The speed of ideas that transform and build tech. We are surrounded by tech and it empowers and deceives us. We believe we have made it and we are the owners of tech. Tech is a mysterious mistress though and it travels its own arc across the heavens and is not owned. Ideas are never owned and tech means travel.

Remember when you see an idea out there and you are in that sleeping bag and the stars dance and sing and the beer was warm. Tech was there too. It may have not made the stars and sky but it may have allowed those others that walked the path to shoot and scrape and trade and become more.

Such is the way it is to live a life of tech.

Published by Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.

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