Cooler Days

Since last week getting back from my vacation the weather has turned in a few directions. Gone is that torrential rain and now we have colder temperatures. Yesterday I walked over in Mountain View at the Google campus which I have not done in awhile. I was out for 1 hour and 40 minutes with […]

When it Rains

Its been raining here in California a lot lately. I just missed the really bad weather in San Diego but managed to experience flooding, trees down, and mud slides down and up the amtrak tracks as I was heading home. One of the things it does for whatever reason, makes me remember living in Chennai […]

Back to Tech

Technology is a vastly interesting, frustrating, and empowering thing. When I was in San Diego, I visited the Museum of Man in Balboa Park and it got me thinking about how stone tools are used. Maybe you know, but there are at least two distinct types. One is called ground stone and include things like […]

Day 3 (last day) San Diego

It always happens. Vacations have a time to start and time to end. I woke up this morning thinking that this is it again. One more day of walking and seeing here in San Diego. The plan starting out is that  I will reach up to Old Town and Presidio Park. Its also the last […]

Day 2 San Diego

Went out and did the beer thing and slept until I woke up this morning :-). Last night I went for ribs and beers at Jimmys Famous American Tavern which was pretty good. Ended up back at the hotel watching movies. Now I’m planning the day’s activities. Today I will walk over to the downtown area […]

Day 1 San Diego

This is the start of day 1. Woke up at about 7am and am preparing for some food and then a day out. The temperatures here are gonna be quite nice T-shirt and walking weather I think! Its coffee in the room time now so I’ll save this as a draft post until I get […]

Travel Mode Ensues

On the Amtrak, riding the rails with a slight deviation. The original train would have taken me direct to Los Angeles. Instead had to re-route to Bakersfield on the San Joaquin and then a thruway bus to Los Angeles and then the Pacific Surfliner to San Diego. Result is that I get in earlier and […]

Chinese New Years Parade

We watched the San Francisco Chinese New Years parade last night right by the Westin Hotel and what a night it was! Beautiful weather, firecrackers, marching bands, and large crowds of families primarily made it a great event for the daughter force and I. Here are a few pictures. These were taken with my Google […]

Friday Morning Pancakes!

Its the Friday before vacation sets in. Kinda hard to believe in mere days I will head off for the first vacation in a year. Tomorrow we will go to the Chinese New Year’s parade but this is Friday and its pancake day. My favorite cakes are at iHop and are the Harvest Grain and […]

Solo Travel Mantras

In preparing for my upcoming train trip to San Diego, I started considering the things I’ll bring. I’ll be gone 5 days. 2 days are spent traveling and 3 full days are spent tiring out this old body with walking trips in as many different directions as I can muster along with some Starbucks strength […]