A moment of time

Yes, I knew that moment of time.
Somehow when lost it became mine
I traveled so many varied paths yearning to find
Perhaps a word, a sense, a moment
Maybe this poem that had no rhyme

And that was the very thing when found was truly lost to me
A sight unseen yet still remains as I cycle back to see
Time is not a circle or a path or a swing of moments sublime
There are no moments left and moments left to find

So my old friend that clock ticks to remind me that I have walked the far lane
And then yet lost and found again
I knew that each moment left fallen and those to climb
Were merely moments of time

Now I have finally seen that there is no sweeping seconds or minutes left to concern
No hour hand or day I must worry over and discern
Instead I simply am and will be and was you see
For that person lost in time was merely me.