Travel Mods

I’ll be on the road starting tomorrow for a few days to Tucson to finish up a significant project migrating hundreds of terabytes of data from one data center to another. We scoped the project as a 6 month gig but someone waved a magic wand and it turned into 3 and we got it done in the time. It also saves the company a lot of $$ and gets us out of a relationship with another company which is best ended. I think our management and executive team breathed a sigh of relief to see us get this done.

Next Saturday, the daughter and I will visit the fun and cultural Chinese New Year’s Parade in San Francisco again. Yay!

This time we will stay overnight in the city and enjoy the parade and not have to leave on an over-crowded BART train that night. We’ll stay at the classy and elegant Westin in Union Square. Right next to the route that the parade takes. That’s cool too!

Then after that, the last thing which is the week of vacation sets in and I get on board the Amtrak from Oakland to San Diego. This is a relief mission I think. Work had started becoming an issue for me of late because of a lack of time off over the past 10 months. Gonna fix that now.

I’ll be blogging that various trips starting tomorrow and then through the next 2 weeks or so as I go to various places and do various things with my wonderful and unique daughter force.