Enter Tucson

Now I’m in Tucson for a evening of fun and frolic. Remind me to not fly on Southwest Airlines again. I’ll take United and their charming surliness over the “meat market” approach to SW. The 737 elbow room is non-existent and the bags of peanuts just as big almost. Folding down the tray table is an exercise in cramped living. I am so glad to have only had to fly for 2 hours or so. I like having a seat assignment and I like people telling other people to leave the stupid roller bags off the plane that obviously will not fit in the overheads. One person had this bag that any amount of coaxing would never have happened so it was left out. Left out to be checked. That’s what should have happened to begin with. I have about three bags which are within the TSA guidelines but do not have wheels and stupid aluminum frames and handles that extend. At the end of it all in Tucson I am gathering someone changed seats but left their bag behind where they moved so decided to the wrong way down the one way flow of people wanting to get the hell out of that little plane. I blame it all on the stupid roller bags that smash my feet, bump my head and that people tend to leave trailing behind them with no real consideration. Onward though to my stay. Done with the rant :-).

I am here for two days to do a bit of final work at a data center about 7 miles from here. Mostly to follow a truck with confidential servers on it and some network gear from here to Santa Clara and then on to Mountain View. It will take my colleague and I about 15 hours of driving to make it happen so I guess we will split it up. Hopefully take a break for food and biological necessities along the way.

This is the second time I’ve done this. First time was out to Dallas and that took about the same amount of time.

I did go for a walk on the so-called river walk loop here. Its kind of a dismal place where I would not want to be after dark. During the sunshine times it is kind of nice but I get the feeling they built it and then decided to really not do much more. Its not like some of the ones we have like Alameda Creek Trail. I did get in about 75 minutes of walking though so I am good. If I do not walk, I get this nervous and irritable feeling. I guess I’m hooked.

This little trip is but a prelude to my vacation starting in a week to San Diego. I’ll ride Amtrak there and back and play, drink, walk every day until my feet hurt and be happy albeit a bit drunk. Stay tuned for that travel bloggage :-).