Tuesday Tech Talk

Its Tuesday folks. Time for a tech talk Tuesday with your host me. This is not a regularly occurring feature on this blog. This blog has no regularly occurring things besides an attempt by me to post more often. This post though is about a few things which have struck my fancy, made me wonder, or genuinely shake my head side to side. Maybe not all of those in this installment. Here’s the talk

  1. What’s the best home assistant? Is it the Amazon Alexa or Google Home? What really matters? I don’t think any of them are the best and I have one. I have the Google Home de-homed sitting in the garage unplugged because its not for me. I don’t need a home assistant living in a room. Everything I could possible want to touch is within about 20 feet. There is just not enough of a use case and I suspect that’s the case for others as well but they go ahead and have one so they can ask it intelligent questions and have TV commercials made of them have articulate discussions with one. Isn’t a light switch easy enough? My TV turns on everything with one controller these days thanks to HDMI ARC. Why do I need a irritating voice in the case of Google Home telling me it cannot fulfill the request at the current time?
  2. I am not a big apple guy. I have had a bunch of the stuff like two iPad Pro’s, a Macbook Air 2015 model, an iPhone 7. I shipped it all up to my friend Free in a fit of despair with all of it. None of it works like I want. An example. On the Air laptop, its pretty easy to change the default browser or calendar. I did it. I cannot do that on the iPhone or iPad. Why? Why cannot I change the stupid big icons and the layout?  The whole thing is BORING. It screams BORING. I cannot futz with it. I need futzing. Its not… Linuxy. Its something else and its disturbing and irritating and expensive. For $1k you should be able to do whatever the hell you want to the thing. Its yours! Or is it a long term rental from Apple?
  3. What do you really need to compute? Do you need the ultimate desktop or laptop? Answer: It depends on your need. You are a habilis. A tool user. You would not use a projectile point to grind corn habilis. You would pick a tool that would work like Metate. So, for each of us its different. There is no preaching that this or that platform will work for you like it did for me. I cannot fit inside your skin and I don’t want to. That would be disgusting and I doubt either of us would enjoy it. So stop with the discussion about what will work for me because it works for you. What works for me is a Chromebook with Android apps. It takes the place of those items in 2. above completely that are Apple devices.
  4. What do you need to travel from an electronics perspective? I’ve wondered for a long time the ultimate setup which has to be minimal too. You don’t need multiple Type C plugs if you only have one device. You don’t need to bring all kinds of electrical doodads to connect other gizmos to. You need the ones that will bridge the gap and make you a tool user. Single out those things that will work. Simplify the connectivity. Consider a small bag that can hold the cables. Pack smark and don’t duplicate things. You’ll thank me later.

So there’s a number of things to consider on this tech talk Tuesday. If you like this, perhaps I will write another one but most likely it will be a gadget Thursday or a venting Saturday or a reflection Friday.

Next week it will be travel times for this habilis. I’m off for a week of walking, wondering, drinking some beer and seeing another place. I’ll be in San Diego after riding the Amtrak down on Monday. Time to speculate, ruminate, postulate. Do all the “ates”. Well maybe not all of them 😉