Solo Travel Mantras

In preparing for my upcoming train trip to San Diego, I started considering the things I’ll bring. I’ll be gone 5 days. 2 days are spent traveling and 3 full days are spent tiring out this old body with walking trips in as many different directions as I can muster along with some Starbucks strength medication at the end of the day. But what to bring is always a question. Here are a few of the things I consider. Perhaps in your own travel planning you have done similar things.

Camera. Do I bring my nice camera? The Nikon CoolPix L830?

Or do I bring my Android phone which is the Pixel with its superior camera?

Image result for pixel phone

Answer: I bring the Pixel phone. It backs up to Google Photos and it runs on the superior Fi network so I get bandwidth across multiple cell phone providers.

Laptop: I only have chromebooks these days but do I bring the Asus Flip 2 C302CA

ASUS C302CA-DHM4 12.5-Inch Touchscreen Chromebook Flip Intel Core m3 with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM

or the Acer R13?

Both are travel worthy and have amazing battery life. Both have the Play Store with an assortment of applications and games.

Answer: I’ll bring the Asus Flip 2 C302CA. Its more flexible and smaller in size and it has the compute power and battery strength to last the required 10 hours! I also have the Android apps I love on it and it plays them well including stuff like Sling TV and games like RealMyst. Good things to keep me going when the feet are sore and the beer is cold after a day of wandering.

Then its about the luggage. I have a few choices there too. I have the MEI Voyager.


And I have the Tough Traveler Trizip

Oh the choices and choices. Both bags are road worthy and I tested the Tough Traveler on the mini trip to Tucson. Its a very nice bag. I am leaning toward the Voyageur.

Answer: Voyageur unless something changes.

I always go through the choices about electronics and of course that causes a choice on power adapters and whether I should bring my new router to test.

But here’s the real stuff. What to enjoy about the trip? There are many answers to traveling solo in the world or even on the train to San Diego. I travel solo because I can travel solo and because I surrendered for years the rights I have to vacation and enjoy moments spent with feet striking pavement and sidewalks and walking trails in the beat of my own life. The feet walking mirrors the thoughts which come and whisk around as I see the release I get with 17k steps or 7 miles or whatever that I don’t measure. Its hard work for a vacation some would say to walk a city each day. Feet become tired but the cold beer and food and blog posts show me new paths.

The real thing is the vacation and not the duration. Its the going and not arriving. Its not so much the planning since making decisions about the trip are the parts I finish early. Its more the longer range things which stick in my soul and mind. The lefts and rights in no specific order in a city that will not really note my passage but grant me moments to get lose in its varied splendor.

Decisions made. I’m ready for the vacation to start and my feet to strike that pavement.