Day 1 San Diego

This is the start of day 1. Woke up at about 7am and am preparing for some food and then a day out. The temperatures here are gonna be quite nice T-shirt and walking weather I think! Its coffee in the room time now so I’ll save this as a draft post until I get back and update it with hopefully some photos and my rambling introspection of a day spent walking in the area of San Diego I have selected. I’m hoping to do about 5 hours today on walking and seeing and taking photo’s here and there. I don’t have a map or a set of left and right turns to make besides an initial direction and the part of San Diego I have decided I should see today.

I’m really excited! This is the first walking trip vacation I’ve done since 2015 and my Portland trip. First vacation since March of last year.

I just got back from the walk today and covered almost 7 miles and was gone about 5 hours more or less. It was a great first day. Got to see a lot of the neighborhoods of San Diego and a really cool ex Naval base which is now turned into a cultural, food, arts center with a lot of stuff to go do. Its called Liberty Station Park. I spent about 2 hours there including a nice lunch at Stone Brewing . Had a few of the beers they brew there and was treated quite nicely. Food was good too!  Here’s a few pictures from the day’s walking. I’ll post the link to the Google Photo Album when I finish the trip so you can see all the stuff.

Around the neighborhoods I walked in was a different story. Kinda quiet and the best part of the walk by far since I got to see sights that perhaps a tour bus would never see.

I’m not a terribly good photographer and tend to take photo’s to remember parts of the trip that I thought was fun, useful, unusual or unique. Kinda like this house which for some reason I saw twice on the walk today.

Ending up at Liberty Center was very cool and I toured around there for hours from the barracks areas with small shops to the park and I am gathering parade grounds.

So much for the first day on the trip. I’m back in the room thinking about my next steps tomorrow. I’ll get to downtown and spend the day there walking. Perhaps I will walk home and take a shuttle there or taxi. I don’t really care about the expense of things. I get a week to explore and drink the beers and eat and have fun and then its back to work.

I also have this draft post about traveling with technology which I will attempt to finish and post before my trip ends. I want to focus on the types of technology which works well when a person travels and what may be a hindrance. More on that to come!

Author: Michael Perry

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