Day 2 San Diego

Went out and did the beer thing and slept until I woke up this morning :-). Last night I went for ribs and beers at Jimmys Famous American Tavern which was pretty good. Ended up back at the hotel watching movies.

Now I’m planning the day’s activities. Today I will walk over to the downtown area and tour around the Gaslight District, Balboa Park, and waterfront park areas for the day. Going to leave today by 10am or after breakfast comes and goes in the hotel cafe which actually has good food.

Just got back from an amazing day walking the city. My phone says I did 11 miles but I kinda doubt it. I walked down to the USS Midway and the other ships that are part of a floating museum. That was a great walk. Saw this kinda stuff.

Then walked through the downtown and up to Balboa Park. What a great set of museums and galleries and beauty. I loved the bridge to get in to the main site area.

I visited the Museum of Man there for a few hours. Really like the Egyptian sections.

After finishing up and being completely hungry and thirsty, started heading generally back toward the hotel which probably was a 5 mile walk by itself given where I was. I ended up at the Corner Drafthouse for a sandwich and suds.

At this point I had to walk down the street I was on all the way back basically to the Hotel.

I think San Diego is pretty nice for walking but the downtown section is a bit depressing in some spots kinda like most cities. I did not really stop there too much other than to buy some water and figure out how to get to the park from the waterfront which is quite nice and touristy. The walk along Harbor Drive east to west is very nice. There are bathrooms and water fountains, playgrounds, and the walkways are very nicely maintained. I got to see the Coast Guard and Naval facilities along the way. If you come to San Diego try to see both Balboa Park and the waterfront with the ship museums. I think its worth it.

Now I’m back in the room considering that once again I am at the last day of my walking endeavors. I’ll head back after tomorrow and as it happens that is when the weather changes for the worst. Today was simply beautiful out. Temperatures in the 70s and blue skies. Light winds and it all favors that pedestrian tourist that I am.

I’m going to start looking at what I want to do tomorrow and plan out an easy dinner. My feet are a bit tired at this point :-).

Author: Michael Perry

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