Day 3 (last day) San Diego

It always happens. Vacations have a time to start and time to end. I woke up this morning thinking that this is it again. One more day of walking and seeing here in San Diego. The plan starting out is that  I will reach up to Old Town and Presidio Park.

Its also the last day of nice days here and by tomorrow in the afternoon it will start raining through the weekend. I’ll be up early tomorrow to catch the return Amtrak from here to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles back to Jack London Square. Hopefully the train schedule holds this time and I don’t get re-routed through Bakersfield.

Now I sit here in the room relaxing and thinking about the last days of the vacation. It had been longer since a vacation but it still ends up on the last day of seeing things.

Today was it for me. I decided to go to Old Town State Historic Park today and see the historic museums, town buildings, and crafts and arts stuff. It was really a neat place. It took me about 2 hours of walking to get there from the hotel this morning. I had read about this training ship called the USS Recruit which is now on land and I got to see it today.

This was pretty cool looking I thought.

I then walked up to a main street that Old Town is on. Ended up taking about 1.5 hours of walking to get there. The park is really cool and I enjoyed the history and museums presented. Here’s a few pictures of the park.

I have to say one of my favorite places though was Liberty Station and I cut through it again on my way up. The promenade which is a border of the Station is just so beautiful. I will miss it and envy the people that get to walk it. The new part of it will open this year and then people can walk on two different promenades.

Before I knew it though, I had finished up it seems with tired feet and legs and a cold drink at Starbucks. My routine is to stop each day and get a iced Caramel Macchiato and glass of water and savor the walk and the day. Today it was bittersweet because its my last day and night here and tomorrow I wend my way back to the Bay area and work. So a few thoughts about walking in San Diego.

There are beautiful places to walk here and there are places to just get through to get to the beautiful places. I would come back again but my rule is not to visit a city twice for walking trips. It makes me focus on new places and also I can never compare two trips. San Diego was a beautiful and unique walking experience and there are great sidewalks and city streets to walk on. Understanding how San Diego is laid out makes it easier to walk main streets like Rosecrans and others. Beautiful walking trails are a normal thing here and I appreciate that immensely. The museums at Balboa Park and the waterfront are really nice as well. I did not do the Zoo or Sea World because I would only do those with my daughter force. For me, I wanted to see a piece of San Diego that I defined and its based on streets.

So there you have it. My final day of experiencing what San Diego could offer someone that walked it for three days. I could not see everything or even a fair share of what there is here and I said this when I was in Tokyo and Kyoto. I’ve been fortunate to walk in Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Kyoto. I’ve walked in Seattle, Portland, and Eugene as well. Its all been the same quest. A test of sorts I guess. Its not about passing or failing though. Its about doing a thing I like to do and when I sit in the Starbucks thinking about that walk to feel that it was all worth it.

And it was!

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