When it Rains

Its been raining here in California a lot lately. I just missed the really bad weather in San Diego but managed to experience flooding, trees down, and mud slides down and up the amtrak tracks as I was heading home. One of the things it does for whatever reason, makes me remember living in Chennai some years ago. I entered and exited India so many times that the customs guy muttered each time trying to find passport pages he could use. One of them told me I should move there. In retrospect I should have perhaps.

But the weather for some reason reminds me of the days there. I’ll share a few photo’s with you of my time spent in various locations over a few years. My most treasured items now are my friends and photos from those traveling days.

This is Goa.

The Palace in Mysore.

The International Shrine of Saint Thomas in Chennai

The Chennai City Centre Mall.

Traffic? What traffic. Right outside the STPI and Ascendas Mall areas in Chennai

Thanks to my friends from Chennai that are now scattered here and there. Some in Singapore, some in New Zealand. Others working in other cities in India. Its always been the best of memories and that’s what fulfills the other part of things; the treasured photos of the places.

I will go back one day and will walk to the Krishna multi-cuisine restaurant at the Hotel New Woodlands and have yet again a superior filter coffee and read the Times of India which is rolled up under my arm. Perhaps to stay for a week or longer to savor the food and then travel to the other places on my list I have not been. One year living in India was not long enough. I miss the morning sunrises when the sky turned its oranges and yellows on. I miss the Monsoons and seeing the kids delight in the rain that would, in turn, play havoc with the commute. It was a mix of feelings there but I felt more at home in India then I ever do here.

One day I will return and that dream once felt will return to a new shade of reality. I’ll travel there and delight in the same moments of time as before. Thanks to a lot of people from Chennai that probably have no idea of this blog and thanks to Chennai itself for always opening those arms and welcoming me back even if the customs agent could not find a suitable page in my passport.