I drove around today

After my few morning chores and because the day is for clocks to spin forward, I drove today. I got on Blacow and drove down to Grimmer and then down to Milpitas and over to Highway 82. I ended up at a Starbucks I used to go to and now am sitting there. Its right by the Dumbarton Bridge. I am not sure how many miles I put on the car but its never mattered. I drove by Stanford University and then up University Avenue which is aptly named and its ever so cute college hangout places with the usual big groups drinking beer already on a Sunday. For me, it was the window down and feeling the temperatures now getting to the 70s.

I cannot just sit in the room for whatever reason. There’s something either with it or me that’s broken. I miss the road and I’ve missed it even with my vacation to San Diego. What I truly miss are the places and not getting back. I miss Chennai and Singapore and Tokyo. I miss Kyoto and Hong Kong. I basically miss the places that I spent time at. Chennai particularly seems haunting to me. I spent time there from 2008 until 2011. Went through dark and shining moments but I remember opening the curtain in the Raintree Ecotel one day and seeing the colors fusing through the morning sky. I heard the horns honking and saw kids going to school.

Another time, another place. That Singapore place. Where I had to wake up early my last day to catch a morning flight. Airport two hours early but it only took 10 minutes to get through customs. Then I hung at the coffee place with a latte and a blueberry muffin in T3. Magnificent T3. The place that’s like a city. I have not seen T4 there. I’ve not been back since 2011.

Then its Tokyo and the city streets and the Akihabara and Asakusa and Roppongi and the hotel. The lights through the city that flashed their hypnotic welcome and the voices of the day workers perhaps calling out the end of a regular day and time for that extra set of hours. The Bento lunches and the subways that got me to point B and back to the hotel.

So many places that a hat was hung. A small room in India from which happiness ensued. Missing my friend Free now and wishing to be gone to other shores. Perhaps a window of time opens and I can again see that magical sunrise in Chennai and feel the upsweep of the moments and the moments yet to come.

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