The roommate has a blog

I won’t publish its link or publicize it but its interesting what you can find out about a person. I’ve thought for the last almost 15 years blogging we choose to reveal an amount on a blog that perhaps we never would in email or on fora, or other online communities. For some reason, we feel able to give out information in a blog that we otherwise would never choose to divulge. I’ve not studied it but I think people do this for a few reasons. See what you think.

  1. A blog is personally impersonal. You can write on a blog and have the thoughts arranged in its peculiar order and the latest content sooner or later scrolls off the screen and the readers have to search or find it in other ways. This creates the personally impersonal level where the latest thing you write may not be the most inflammatory or personal or revealing thing and it takes the reader to go through the blog and find those things. Rest assured you can find them because lots of people have a search bar or you can search on google or on a community like you can choose to “follow” or “favorite” or “comment” and then you get the socialization factor in the personally impersonal level. The other person can pick and choose what they wish to see about your life. How many of you write exceedingly personal content and then feel uncomfortable or wish to pull it but you reason that its okay because it is impersonal and you are protected by scrolling or categories or other factors. Have you removed those personal entries because they are a gateway to that side of you that you don’t wish to show in other media?
  2. A blog is not a life but may be the contents of the life arranged in some kind of order much like how your days pass. It mirrors your life in some ways but in others perhaps you keep a personal diary or journal. Let me ask, do the contents ever match up and you write a thing in a blog that you think, in retrospect, should be a diary post? In other words, it violates rule 1 or it reveals too much of the content of your life or your character. In my case there is divorce and growing old (er) and realizing after my friend Free’s untimely passing we only have a set number of years. I knew this before and it was painfully obvious when I took those jobs which were survival and my ex-wife reminded me daily that it was my duty to work whether I enjoyed it or not. This is emphatically not true but in the blog I choose to not reveal a lot of that content.
  3. Many, many blogs have only one entry. Perhaps people become less than enamored with the outcome and they wish for immediate following and favorites and incoming links. Maybe the blog crosses over in rule 1 and 2 and creating more entries would cause pain or work or there is a basic lack of interest. Let me ask; what keeps you blogging? Do you do it for others in some kind of altruistic glue of life or is it something you would do no matter what and its for you alone that you dutifully write those blog posts? I think if you do it for others sooner or later those others stop being important or become too important and the blog becomes the entry. Then you stop.
  4. Finally, the blog is a gateway to your soul. The words form the bridge and the style and beliefs link you to a bigger world. In a community of bloggers more people may find that your gateway either matches theirs or its so unique and different that reading it widens their gateways. Just consider how much you reveal and would you reveal as much as a social media site like Facebook? When I get to Facebook, the main reason for creating stupidity there is just that. I don’t take it seriously so I write dumb stuff there. There is no real gateway to my innermost being since the media is not right. Give me a blog though and I will sooner or later let you see the mile markers to my personal Hell and Heaven on earth.

In the end, I write this and that. I create and then I mull it over. Should I share it with my daughter? She perhaps suspects I write such a thing. In the previous instantiation, the blog became filled with personal ruminations on divorce, travel, my kids. Perhaps it fulfilled or violated all the rules. I quit my self-maintained site in favor of a new start. Perhaps we all need to recreate the rules above and re-evaluate them. Maybe we will only write a single post. Perhaps it becomes too personal and we give people a viewpoint into the gateway that is way personal. Life is personal though folks. What I have gone through even if you replicate it exactly would not be the same for you.

As my mom used to say,

We create our hell on earth

And perhaps our heavens too…

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.