Work is not Life; Life is Life

I’ve reached the end game with work. I’ve done this and that for this and that long. I’ve walked deserts and built project plans and managed teams across geographies. This will all end in the next month. If I don’t give notice end of April, I will for mid May.

I’m tired of doing this stuff and reporting to someone else and trying to invent my interest in the work tasks. Some would say I am making a mistake. To my ex-wife, you have made more mistakes than I. You still have not learned and you have not changed as a result. To others, work is not a life path. Its a means to an end and when the end arrives you should embrace it and take the challenge.

For me the challenge I believe is here.

Image result for map of asia

Not all of it. There is too much! Lets focus on a few places that will welcome me back. First off is India. Going back to India is a pilgrimage. Then there’s the next places working to the right. Malaysia and Singapore. I will stay in Singapore for a shorter time because its expensive and I’ll stay in Malaysia longer because its cheaper and the Visa requirements are nice. Next are those places I have not been like Laos and Cambodia. Both of those are well worth the visit and are cheaper. I can hunker down for months there and live on retirement alone and not be stressed. Then we move on. China, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan.

Do I come back here? I sincerely hope not. I don’t like it here at all. I will also take this train trip I have wanted across the United States in a zig zag fashion and see people in Austin, Oregon, etc as I go in no particular order.

People ask about the cost of airline tickets. I am perhaps lucky. I have sufficient miles to cover it all and they are good until next year. No cost for flying besides a relatively minor tax or flight charge.

This is the real thing folks. I cannot see any of this persisting after June but I have faced the fact I cannot continue with work. I can’t manufacture the enthusiasm. I’m tired. i want my life back and do some things.

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