Saturday Considerations

Its been an interesting 2017 thus far. I had tried to give notice at work and they will not let me go :-).  My friend Free passed which seemed to cause a short downward spiral in things. I got to talk with my friend DK about life in general and work. There are not so many people any longer I can talk to about work that do not have a bias. My acquaintance HS seems to to think work is only about $$. Of course $$ is important. I’m pretty happy with the $$ I get. I get a nice quality of life and can do what I want while still saving money.

But this is about Saturday considerations. Saturday of beautiful weather. Saturday of waiting for UPS to deliver my new phone. I decided to try out the Samsung Galaxy 8+ with its big ole screen and beautiful looks. We will see. My Pixel phone goes to my daughter. First off though I have to impose on our end point mobility team to help me get my new phone work ready.

Other considerations on the Saturday is the dinner and the daughter. She likes to eat different food and try new places most of the time.

Finally, started thinking about a vacation this August. I will probably take a week off and fly to Vancouver BC, visit Victoria, and then take the Amtrak back down from Seattle to Oakland but I’ll get a roomette. That will be the last walking trip for this year. August seems like a good time to visit BC. Dryer weather, nice temperatures for walking around. I’ll also go visit Victoria for a day or so via the Ferry connections. I think the entire trip will cost me about $750 to $1000. Not bad for a last place on this side of the states I wish to walk in! I will have gone to Santa Barbara and San Diego here. In Oregon to Eugene and Portland. In Washington I had a great walking visit to Seattle. All of these trips had one thing in common. I found great food and beer!

I find myself thinking a lot about previous places I visited or lived in these days. India, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam. So many places and time spent flying here and there. Each place had a thing I did and things I got to see which marked them forever. From drinking a beer at the Lion Beer Hall in the Ginza in Tokyo to walking in hushed steps in Kyoto seeing so many temples. Singapore was good for eating and drinking as well Maybe the best. I also liked Sydney but I don’t have a driving desire to get back there. Its a beautiful city but I feel like I’ve seen it. Now India is different. India is a part of the fabric for me. Its like unfinished business I have and I must get back to do more there. Japan is a psychic thing. A connection and I never feel fulfilled unless I can stop there and spend time. Wandering Tokyo was a joy. Getting lost and then found and seeing yet another Metro subway station down a street that I followed for no particular reason.

So this Saturday is spent reminiscing about the times and thinking of the times to come. The places I have to see or the travel of a life is not complete. I will go. It may not be until first part of next year. That’s okay too. I like what I have now. Others don’t and my friend HS seems to continually strive for something else. I think he leaves some wreckage behind on projects and teams though and that’s bad. If I had one thing to tell him it would be that the $$ are needed but are not the end goal. Its the job and the fulfillment and the challenge. I also like the folks I work with and for. That counts for a lot this Saturday.

Have a good one you all!