Today’s Adventures

Today I am heading into San Francisco via BART to go stroll and take more photographs with my Fuji X30. I’ve settled on two distinct modes when shooting photographs so will be testing them more in SF today.  This is in anticipation of my August trip to Vancouver and Victoria since the type of photography I enjoy doing will not change that much when I am walking there. I went out yesterday to Palo Alto and strolled down California Street to capture people, stuff and their transactions. California street has a mix of restaurants, shops and people enjoying both. Here’s a few samples from the X30 set on program AE mode where I just click away.

I like the contrast of the umbrella things and the blue sky in this shot.

Another joy is being able to just take photographs with the camera in real life where people come and go and I can respond in real time using the mode that works for me.

In retrospect, I should have stopped for awhile in Backyard Brew. I like the looks of that place :-).

In street or urban shooting the depth of field, aperture, ISO is set by the camera and I trust to its settings but can override. Doing some more landscape, I prefer a bit more control so I can ensure that the depth of field is accurate or I want to play and see. I use Aperture Priority mode and the camera decides two of the settings.


I took this at the Dumbarton Bridge pull off or vista point because all the years I have driven the bridge I never stopped there. I never knew it had this stuff so I stopped.

Some would say the X30 cannot do landscape. How then did I get this shot? I am not sure. Perhaps an error of some kind :-).

Its very green out there now!

So onward to the day pretty soon. Its about 8am here and I am in no rush to head on out. I’ll go to the Union City BART station and head in about 930am after breakfast.

Can’t wait to test the camera out in a new place!

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