Then I went to Don Edwards Refuge

After a fun day in San Francisco, I doubled down and went to Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge for a complete sea change. First was street photography and walking the city. Next was a completely different take with the Fuji X30 and capturing the scenes from the refuge. I played with different film simulation modes including Provia which is standard and Velvia which is an enhanced mode which seems to saturate the colors a lot more. Which one I like most I cannot say so its fun to shoot with both and compare.


The quality of the color representation is amazing to me.

I’ve also been experimenting with different shooting modes. So far I have done Program mode when doing the street shooting and aperture priority doing landscapes or more rural shots. I chose them because program mode provides that quick release where the camera does the figuring but you can also apply overrides or use custom film types. Aperture priority for outdoors photography seems like just common sense since you want more depth of field.

I have not experimented with Shutter Priority or Manual yet. That will come.

This weekend, I’ll take off and drive to the beach and capture Highway One south of Santa Cruz and north of Monterey. I have not done that kind of photography yet with the X30. We’ll see how that works out.

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