More Adventures in FujiFilm Land

I spent yesterday and this morning here and there. There mostly being on the road finding new places which there are an abundance of practicing with my camera. Yesterday went to a few places like Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto and today down Castro Street in Mountain View practicing street photography. I acquired an X100F on ebay so now I am re-learning on a newer camera. I am hoping I feel ready when August gets here to capture the vacation to Vancouver and Victoria.

Today I shot using the standard film called Provia and set down Noise Reduction by a -2 and basically just used aperture priority through the day either at 5.6 or 8. Mostly apertures at 5.6.

Yesterday I went out to a few places and used the Velvia simulation mode and aperture priority and got these.

I found this little gem of a place hidden in plain view called Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto so spent time there as well.

Its all practice and learning and the places are close enough that if I wanted to get back it would be an easy jaunt.

I feel I am getting better at least using one of the modes on the camera.

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