A life spent

I’m nearing the end of the work thing. I’ve looked at what I want and need and by December of this year, my projects will finish up and I will have either the basic milestone of cash in the bank or the higher amount depending on how much I wish to enjoy life now. I also will file for social security retirement in January of 2018.

By February, I’ll be on the road with no real material possession to speak of. I’ll have narrowed down my stuff to either a box I will store or a TSA approved carry-on bag. I’ll have a daypack with a chromebook and my FujiFilm X100F with the wide angle and telephoto lens, a few batteries, and extra memory cards.

I’ve also decided what I’ll do then and its not only travel. Travel often implies a starting point and destination but I won’t have a destination. I don’t want a place to end up. I want to see the things that get me there. So, here’s the plan.

Travel the US on Amtrak.

Image result for amtrak train map

I want to hit the rails and not look back. See all those places. Those are wayfaring markers. Places to see and things to do. I won’t end up at any but I’ll pass through letting those rails sing the song. This will go on until I’m done basically and I’ll be either on the east coast or west.

At that point, I fly. The next adventure is to get out of the United States for a time yet to be determined. So many places I want to see or get back to. Places like Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia. Too many places to list. Japan and China are there for me too. Japan is a cosmic thing for my mind and soul. There is something special about it that holds me. Whether its the skyscrapers in Shinjuku or the historic landmarks in Kyoto. There is passion and wonder at the wandering.

What I don’t want is some defined plan which takes me to 30 countries in 90 days. I want to hunker down and live in places and find my way there. Travel slowly and see more is the method. Live in places and get away from the downward spiral of life in the United States. Away from people who once perhaps were friends but now occupy some other trajectory. Away from the LinkedIn job searches and the Facebook metrics. Truth is I have given up on most or all of the people that were in my spiral. Contacts in gmail. People on facebook. Professional contacts on LinkedIn. I’ve realized none of it truly matters and that they have all changed but I have too. I don’t care of NB ever decides to re-friend me on FB. I’m not good friend material. I have found myself and its a rather solitary, egotistical and narcissistic character staring back in the mirror at me.

There is more when there is less you see and travel hooks up the soul with the feelings and lets me break away. December awaits. The road beckons.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.