Vacation Time in August

I usually take two vacations a year. We have a pretty good time off policy called Your Time Off. We don’t gain PTO or vacation hours. If your boss agrees and you send a calendar event, you get the time off paid. Back late February or so I went to San Diego for a week on the Amtrak. That was great fun and I documented it here.

Now the next vacation beckons to me. I will be taking off August 14th and driving the coast north of San Francisco.

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What I decided to do this time was break up the driving into smaller pieces so I could enjoy the trip more. Here it is by day.

Day 1. Fremont to Bodega Bay. I’ll take off Monday 14 August and drive up to Bodega Bay for the night. Stop and eat, exercise the Fuji X100F, and have some adult beverages. Go for a longer walk.

Day 2. Drive from Bodega Bay to Point Arena. While the drive only takes a few hours, I will stretch it out and see that part of the coast along Highway One. I did the drive before but we rushed through to get to Fort Bragg. Now I am stopping in Point Arena for the night.

Day 3 and 4. Drive from Point Arena to Mendocino; home of the B&B. Mendocino is a quaint little seatown with lots to offer for eating, resting, doing the usual Mike on vacation things. I’ll stay two nights in Mendocino.

Day 5. Head back toward home but stop in Santa Rose to break the drive up. I’ll stay in Santa Rosa for the night on the 18th just to have a final evening away before coming back to work.

I had thought of not doing anything but the truth is I deserve to do something. I cancelled the Vancouver trip and had decided to stay around the home area. But then I started thinking why? Why do a staycation? I don’t particularly like it here so why sentence myself to staying on time off. I also rationalized with myself I have the money to go enjoy the time. The job is good until I call quits on it. I may stay a bit longer or leave in December. I just don’t know.

So there’s the vacation up the coast. I think a lot of people drive the San Francisco to Big Sur thing and that’s the drive on the PCH. But there are others just as pretty. North of San Francisco to Mendocino is just as nice but half as busy.


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