Slimming Down on the Stuff

I decided awhile ago to get rid of a bunch of stuff. A lot of it was old papers and photographs of a then wife. Perhaps the shredding of those photographs were a final act that for whatever reason I waited on several years. The papers were in a bag in the garage waiting. Waiting until my credit union had this free paper shredding day which was today. They also took e-waste so I hauled over stuff I had bought for whatever reason. Multiple USB power devices, cables, plugs. Two old cameras. Stuff that would never be used but that I bought. I reached a point with both where I’m happy. Lets go through each thing and see why minimizing is so good.

Papers. You don’t need to keep a lot of papers folks. Old stuff that does not have some reason. I did keep tax forms and stuff and some things from my dad that were given me. But why keep the old forms and personal checks with bad addresses on them? Why keep other stuff like old bills? Why keep pictures of a person that in real life shredded me much like I then shredded her photographs today? There is no reason. I think perhaps its a final departure and when I knew I would shred the photographs it perhaps dawned on me that its been almost 10 years since she told me she decided to fuck someone else but she still loved me. I don’t quite know how that works but it was all in the pictures. Pictures and old papers of things that had no bearing any longer.

Electronics. I think we tend to buy things because we can and not because we need. We want labor saving or fancy doodads and gizmos. The next 5 port type C usb charging pod must be had even though the old 3 port one works well. We need more USB cables because we can have more USB cables. Its important somehow to have more than I will ever need in a plastic drawer shelf thing in my closet. I did not have any personal attachment to this stuff like perhaps the pictures. It was easier to just rid myself of the stuff.

I also know in months I will do a larger event and will have a whole bunch of stuff hauled away I have left. Bed and carpet, end table and TV table. Chair and lamps. I will get down to an amount of things I can travel with and never look back. Clothing has already gone and I’m left with a bunch of beer T-shirts and two pair of jeans and two jackets.

I think we are all hoarders and keepers and we see at some point that the pictures of that person are unhealthy and keep a thing still alive that died some death years before. We need to rid ourselves of the things which keep us a prisoner. Today I feel I did that and it was some kind of cleansing thing to have Iron Mountain shredding take all the papers and the e-waste team take the gizmos I could care less about any longer.

Its darned difficult to minimize though folks. I seem trapped by those old things. It was still a tug at my lapel to get rid of the pictures. But I knew they were of a thing and a time that had long since passed. I’m thankful to have what I have. Its not that much any longer and I will get further down to even less as time wears inexorably on.

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