Accumulating Stuff

I slimmed down some old paperwork and gizmo cables, old routers, and a few cameras before. Today I did the same with a collection of suitcases, a TV, a fan, some chromebooks and a new router and powerline ethernet kit. This stuff accumulated since living in the current place and today it goes away. Its amazing how the stuff builds up but I always feel better when it goes and nothing replaces it. I don’t know why I managed to accumulate so many suitcases other than I’m a bag junkie and I like to find carry-on bags for my trips that fit what I need. I slimmed the bags down to one today which is the newest one. I bought myself the Tortuga Outbreaker bag. I believe it represents the best value for carry-on at this point.

This bag combines the best of two bags I had before with its integrated laptop and device containers plus a decent zip around main compartment. It means I don’t need two carry-on devices which I travel which is a big deal. None of the previous bags included this.

In the main compartment there are 4 zippered pouches for carrying the smaller things like socks and underwear. This means I change my bundle wrapping to a new technique to use the space I just got. I’m going to do rolling plus folding in the one bag. Going to fold the bigger things like jeans and roll the smaller things like t-shirts, underwear, and socks.

I also bought a daypack but its use is questionable. I most likely would carry my camera bag only which is the ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20. This holds my Fuji X series, its telephoto lens, extra batteries and memory cards with room to spare and it slings over the shoulder. I recommend the bag highly. It looks like this.

This is not a minimal bag but its also not huge. Its that middle range bag that has some nice internal pockets and compartments but still has room if I decided to get the wide angle lens for my Fuji.

Considering what will be left after this “purging” event, I will be down to a significant few things of value that I need and a few things I want to keep.

Vacation Bound!

I also am vacation bound in a week and change. I’ll take a week off from work and its craziness and fly up to Vancouver BC and do the last walking trip of the year. I’m happy to be able to get a second trip in this year. I also lock in my frequent flyer miles for 18 more months with this trip so when I’m really ready to pull the plug on the whole work thing, my miles are waiting. I will spend most or all of them next year I think.

A friend asked what I expected to accomplish in Vancouver. My answer is nothing. I am not going to accomplish a thing. I am going to walk the streets, see the city, meet the blocks I can walk down head on. I’ll tire out these old legs and head back to the room after having lunch and a beer out. I’ll repeat it each day and be glad I was able to do the last city on my list.

I’ll also take a lot of photographs with the Fuji and get them saved here and there. I love taking photographs with it and learning more.

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