Travel Mode to Vancouver Ensues

I’ve finally reached the point where my out of office auto-responder kicks in on Monday. Its the “no more to work” days for a week. I’ll be packing my bags this Sunday after some laundry and other chores and then perhaps a haircut. I’ll go for a walk Sunday evening and dwell yet again on the trip up to Vancouver BC.

Its been awhile since a vacation for me and I guess I still cannot believe I am actually gonna fly out of here for some days of walking a new city! I told someone at work what I do and the consensus is that its not a vacation. It is for me. Walking a city is like going to a movie or taking a cruise or sailing or something. It has all the element of enjoyment but happens at a slower pace than the usual tour bus.

I also have all my traditions for after the walk. I find a Starbucks and have that drink and my legs tell me it was a good day. By 4pm I’m back in my hotel room relaxing and perhaps looking at the day’s photos and writing the finishing blog post from the draft I started in the morning. I remember the place I went for lunch and the beers there. Perhaps a bit of TV and then dinner and a few more beers. By this time, I’m tired. Legs are old but they keep going and I can feel the use in them. The sensation of that walking leaves me spent and a bit drunk and very happy. But the days tick away like usual and soon its the last day and I gamble away the morning hours and prepare to leave.

Then back to work and I find the things I need to do have been waiting until my return. My VP tells me he is glad I am back and then hands me a bunch of stuff I need to do and my boss laughs and tells me,

that’s what you get for taking time off Michael

Yep. I know.

But we all need it you know. We need to recharge the batteries without the plans and presentations and the charts and graphs and measurements. We all do it different ways and with different means at our disposal. For me, its walking the days away. Knowing most likely I will never see the city again and if I do, it will not have the same taste, flavor, sense of that other time.

So be it!

Let the vacation ensue.

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