Vancouver Day 2

its the beginning of my day after sleeping really well last night. I had dinner at the Keg steakhouse here last night along with a few beers. This morning I am planning out what I’ll do using the usual tools like Google Maps. This mostly is to orient me toward the place I want to get to and not chart my day. First off though I will have breakfast, relax a bit and then get started.

Today I see the southern part of Vancouver including the Gaslight District and more of the downtown, parks, and historic stuff. I’ll get back this afternoon and fill in the gaps, add some photographs from today with my trusty FujiFilm X100F and publish some retrospective on my second day of travels.

I left around 930 and took the aquabus again to downtown. This time I went south and got the stadium, gastown, and everything from quiet neighborhoods to upscale shopping hubs and malls. I had lunch at Steamworks Brewpub. A trip would be nothing without memories and my FujiFilm X100F is a great travel companion. I see people walking around with huge bags of lens and camera bodies and stuff. It just seems difficult to me and contrary to how I want to see places. I want a camera that is fast and agile and has that great color like the Fuji X series. Proof is in the pudding as they say. Here’s some shots from today’s adventure.

So now its a second day in the books and my feet and legs are tired. I feel tired in that good way that lets me see that I’ve wandered wisely and well. I took turns and saw things and got lost a few times. Vancouver does well with that and the city is laid out in a geometric fashion that makes it easy to find your way. Couple that with a lot of tourist maps sprinkled all over.

Now I’m faced with the same thing as every other time. I’ve spent two of my days and I wonder how much I’ve seen of this beautiful city. I think only some, just a little, and tomorrow my journey is to go to the museums and perhaps meet a friend for lunch.

I’ll probably wonder more than a few times whether I did my best but in the end it does not matter. I walked the steps and no one else did. I drank the beer and ate the food and it was all good.

Bring on the last day and I’ll enjoy it as much as I can knowing that Friday I fly back home and get back to the usual work stuff a few days after that.

I’ll publish a last day retrospective of this trip on Friday. This is the last city I wish to see on the pacific seaboard. I’ve accomplished what I wanted. I’ve been up and down the western states. Its been a grand and glorious adventure since 2014. I remembered also that from 2011 to 2014 I went nowhere and saw nothing besides sitting in a home and watching the disintegration of things with nothing to take their place. Now I know the answer that asked myself before. I told myself flying to Chennai India in 2010 that I needed a plan. There was no plan and life was stuck for years. I found the way out and also found that to have less is to have more.


Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.