Vancouver Day 3 (last full day)

Welcome to my day 3 in Vancouver! This is the last full day for me and tomorrow I turn around and fly back home after some shopping time around Granville Island in the morning. I spent two full days walking the city north and south and feel I barely scratched the surface of what it offers. I met a nice couple last night at the brewpub and talked politics, photography, and retirement. Since I took my camera, I took a few shots of the evening and Vancouver is just as beautiful at night as during the day. Here’s a few of those.

Last night I went to Cats SocialHouse for dinner and back to Granville Island Brewpub for a beer. Then went and took the evening photos above.

Transition last night to Day 3

Now its the morning with a cup of coffee in the room and I’m thinking back on the trip now facing my last day. I’m fortunate that I can walk the distance and do the vacations I like to do. This year I did two of them but now its back to work. I’ll stay at work through early next year but I can the outcome of it. I know I need to stop and get out of the states and find something else.

Anyways, today its a different direction for me. No aquabus for me today since I will wander around this side of Vancouver and see the maritime and Vancouver museum and wander around the park and seashore for awhile. As usual, this post is saved as a draft post until I get back in the evening and add in the thoughts and places and perhaps a few pictures of what I say.

I just got back to my hotel room and saw a completely different part of Vancouver with sleepy neighborhoods, smaller local businesses , and two museums. I went to the Maritime Museum first and then the Museum of Vancouver which is in the same area as the Maritime Museum. I walked up to Kitsalano Beach and Park and then cut inland on Trafalgar Avenue to Broadway Avenue. From there found a rather interesting brewhouse for lunch called Storm Crow Ale House. I had the burger and two pints of beer and watched a parade of interesting folks come in and out. After that I stopped at an Espresso House and had a iced Americano coffee and came back.

Instead of sharing individual photos, here’s the link to my Google Photo Album for the trip. Hope  you enjoy. It was the last day for the last city I wanted to visit on this coast. That’s amazing in and of itself. I’ve completed all the cities and states I wished to visit.


Stay tuned tomorrow for a retrospective blog post on this.