A retrospective on my journeys since 2011

Prior to 2011, I traveled internationally quite a bit. Would go to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Singapore for work. I loved the travel and built up a reservoir of miles on United that I have kept since then. From 2009 to the early part of 2014, I went through finding out that my wife had committed adultery, that she had no intention of stopping, and meanwhile I just stayed at home. Those years were painful and by 2010, my company sponsored travel dried up and I was left living in the same house with only one trip to India to see a friend get married. From 2012 to 2014, I did nothing and went nowhere. It was a particularly demeaning and depressing time for me. Happiness was fleeting and I would watch my soon to be ex wife take off for the weekends with her lover thus leaving me with pets, kids, house.

In 2014, I finally moved out to a room and was able to travel again by later in the year. I went to Eugene, Oregon on the Amtrak. Later that year I would go to Seattle in November and then in July of 2015 went to Portland. I was like a sponge with this stuff and the vacations were the best and kind of refueled the containers of my life. I also found a way to see the cities that I carried forward from my days seeing Sydney, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Singapore. I would walk for hours and take whatever turns were offered or not. It was not the left or right that mattered but what I was seeing.

In 2016, job challenges were present and I could only to go Santa Barbara for a short weekend but it was a place I wanted to see so it was good. I took care of the job challenges and converted at the current place to full time last October after finishing a grueling set of data center moves. I would then do another data center relocation this time focusing on data itself in the form of virtual machines which we transmitted over the network.

Finishing that I went to San Diego this year. I knew then that I had another place to go and that was Vancouver. Now I finished that trip along with a new camera which has made all the difference in the recording and memory of the trip. I took hundreds more photographs than ever before!

But what is next? I have a great job but there is an end point to it I feel. That end point is around February next year. There are more trips to take then but the basic life and its style will change. I will be gone from the bay area no matter what. There is nothing left for me that I care to hold on it. Vancouver was the final thing for me and I’m leaving knowing I did not see it all or even a piece of it. I did what I could do on foot and I’m happy with the result. The only real person to make happy in this stuff is me.

I guess now you will all have to stick around and see what happens next. Life is never boring and there is a next step to seeing more cities. Cities like Chicago, Boston, and New York.

Thanks for reading along. This kinda closes the chapter on the travels from 2011 to the present. Very cool!

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