Yeah, but why do you blog?

There is no place like blog. In blog, the weather is always right around 70 degrees during the day and about 50 at night. Sunny days, cloud evenings, and rain arrives in discrete categories and we document, define, refine and our characters and abilities and discussions all live within the WordPress world. Here we find the time and space to carefully (sometimes) spell our thoughts out and also follow others and find their wisdom.

Here, for better or worse, is what I’ve learned after over 10 years of writing these in one place or another.

  1. We blog because we have to. Its like a 5 pound chicken trying to lay a 10 pound egg. We can do it but sometimes it takes some extra effort to create the content, share, socialize. Find the things we wish to create, maintain, re-define. Perhaps looking for value in our past or sharing present, or defining future tense. The blog is the place we do this because we have to do it. There is no voluntary submission.
  2. We create content, read other’s content, follow, comment, update. Why? Why follow other blogs? I believe it goes way back to the days when Technorati existed as a instrument of authority in blogging. If a person linked to your content or perhaps commented, you had “authority”. You could be rated as the top 100 blogs based on measurements. I blogged then too and blogging had these key terms like “blogosphere” and we had key players in that sphere. Some are still with us.
  3. We don’t create a blog to simply add one post and give up. We’re in it for the long haul. We find some kind of enjoyment in creating. Let me ask this. How many of you go back and read your previous content and how often do you do it? Do you like to see the progression (or regression), change, anger, stupidity, vanity, ego, altruism? Big sayings with small words?
  4. We do journals too I bet. A journal is different than blogging. Some would say never write in a journal a thing you don’t want another person to read. I say BS on that. A diary is just that. Its yours. If you wanna write some exceedingly personal stuff where else you gonna do it?

So, in the end, we have these tools that we use. We have blogs we share and diaries we do not. We blog because we have to and I have had to for a long time. First it was on Advogato and I wrote there in 2000 and 2001 or so. Back when I worked at a fabled open source startup and we all created content there and we valued others at different levels. Then it was Drupal, typepad, WordPress (both self hosted and .com). So many platforms. I still have an export file from my own domain but I hesitate to post it here. It crossed over to the exceedingly personal and I covered terrain that was focused on life events. Perhaps the terrain was more suited to a diary. I did one of them too and it was even more focused.

Let me just say that we create, destroy, recover, find, lose at an amazing rate.

Ask yourself why you blog. I bet the answers will surprise even you.

Published by Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.

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