PSA: Protect yourself out there

Public Service Announcement…

Please check your credit and take appropriate action. I have frozen all three agencies credit reporting via their services they offer. Perhaps this does not protect completely but at least I feel that I took an action or actions that may protect or secure some of my precious data.

For me personally, I can leave the credit frozen for a long time. I won’t be buying a house, renting an apartment, or getting a car any time soon. Others though are probably busier out there. I think my ex-wife will not acknowledge the risk and she will believe that a credit report run 2 months ago protects her.

Here’s some other basic advice. Take it or leave it. Setup dual factor authentication on google for your mail and stuff. They have lots of options for how to do it with a phone or an app on either IOS or Android. Its a bit more of a pain but consider the alternatives. Its not just email. Its your Digital DNA out there folks.

I sat up dual factor authentication for my important stuff and use an easy method to actually log in which is I think pretty secure. Find your own method and then employ it. Be safe out there. You cannot be sure. We are past that point with Equifax. They knew for months and not a word was said. We’ve lost that childlike acceptance of things and now we have to assume that our precious lives and identities and information can be easily had. You can take some steps but its naive to expect that everything is okay. My ex-wife will ask her sister and she will say something like,

Oh, don’t worry about it. That’s not necessary. Its not that big of a deal.

I can hear her now. She is an idiot.

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