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Since I’ve focused my writing for the blog and my journal on Ulysses, I get to see a similar interface with the MacBook Pro and my iPad. I can write pretty easily on my cheaper iPad 2017 model if I wish since I have a bluetooth keyboard for it that works pretty well.

One of the things I have wanted to start including in the blog is longer static content. We’ll call them stories or articles but they would have a separate page or pages which would allow longer explorations or treatments of things. Centralizing on Ulysses and learning its document management approach like splitting off data to a new sheet, arranging things in more of a hierarchical order, updating content across all the lines of things I write is easier when I can see things in a regular relationship.

I think pretty soon I’ll launch a new static page which will focus on story content and also allow more of an update type of thing. I rarely go back and update blog posts to allow new information. I do fix mistakes and errors but the creation of additional information which may be relevant really does not happen with blog posts at all for me.

I’m going to experiment on the blog with different techniques at developing static content on pages. First off is more of a treatise I have been working on regarding walking. I’ve answered a few Quora questions on it and I’ve felt for a long time that there are numbers of reasons people do it. Its not just getting your 30 minutes in 3 days per week. I do way more than that. I’ll publish a first chapter on that first I think.

A second thing is travel. Its not just hopping on a plane or train to me. There is a mystical and wonder element to it. The highest order I believe of travel is going with no clear destination in sight. When we travel this way, we are removed from the considerations of route, time, place. I believe hunter-gatherers traveled this way thousands of years ago and as they crossed the different places, each revealed itself in a deeper and more fundamental way. For me, travel must become that. I’m done taking the vacation where I must return after X days. This does not work for me any longer. It really ties us to this time thing where each thing covers an amount of time and when its done, its done. I think there are deeper and more mystical things in the act of travel we want out of it.

I wanted to mention this thing called Work. Work slowly becomes less for me even with victories on large projects that perhaps lock me in for more months of work. I managed to get our VP and leadership behind a project which took months to develop and finally get supported by leadership. A victory! I felt pretty good after that call yesterday. Its dawned on me that this work thing is ephemeral. It does not allow a free-wheeling exploration of the first two things above. I cannot just take off walking with no real regard nor can I travel the same way. So something must change early next year.

That’s why this blog was created from the ashes and dust of the old one. The old one lasted over a decade and across platforms. I’ve lost a month here and there of posts which either matter or do not. I created this hosted blog to address what I wanted to do and the places I would see. I wanted it to be easy maintenance but still have a reasonable name and a destination place for my travels. Its really meant to be the container of the walking and the travel insights and to signal the time when work becomes less. But blogs morph and become new things all the time. Basically with each entry we write, the blog twists and turns to a new thing. For the longest time I’ve written blogs for my self expression. I’ve felt it was akin to the 5 pound chicken 10 pound egg thing. Giving the blog a rebirth with a new article is a creation thing for me. So it will go with the stories and articles. I’ve kinda nurtured those for months developing them first on Google Docs and now on Ulysses.

Soon all three things will intertwine and become more or less or different given your perspective. Hope you enjoy the content I will launch. If not. Sorry. I’m really doing it for me and not you. I apologize up front if you find inadequacies or faults in it. All of those are also mine :-).

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.