Sunday Photo Dreams

Sunday morning is meant for fun I think. So today I will head out with my trusty FujiFilm X100F and do some shooting around the local area. I’ve traveled farther last few weekends either to Redwood City or San Carlos. Today I’m going to focus on some local delights. Its always tempting to find another place I have to drive to farther away which has that “something” but today is a photo shoot around the cities I now call home.

Today its a different plan after chores. I’ll hop in the car, package up my iPad and camera and take random turns left and right. I have some goals of places to reach but I really want to get some local photography done.

One thing I’ve learned after moving away from using a SmartPhone for photography is that there is a lot more flexibility but a lot more studying for a person like me who enjoys the wandering. I can shoot in Classic Chrome or Acros or other film simulation modes and capture the tapestry of color or black and white with custom settings to pinch out the shadows and contrast. I may go back to Black and White today for awhile.

I enjoy all that with a regular camera and its been a great choice to settle on Fuji X series to learn more. I doubt I will ever be anything more than a novice photographer or hobbyist because my interests don’t go there. I’m not interested in post processing in Adobe LightRoom or shooting RAW or doing any kind of image editing. I want to let the camera do the work and then enjoy the photo’s with the few people on Instagram and Google Photos and on my collection on Google Plus.

When I’m done with the morning chores, I’ll head out. I may end up back at Starbucks to gaze at the images in my card reader on my iPad. Or I may take my MacBook Pro with me instead.

Someone asked me if I love the apple platforms now since I’ve been a little green robot guy for years. Here’s the answer. Its not love. Its use and integration. I don’t particularly care for the walled garden that IOS prefers but the tools and integrations are nicer. I can have the same app on my phone, the iPad and the MacBook Pro. To me, that extends the use of things by a factor of XX.

When I finally leave, I’ll settle for a single device I believe. I am liking the functionality of the iPad Pro 10.5 in the 256gb form factor with a keyboard. I think that this would take the place of the need for a laptop for traveling. I may pick one up soon to just have it because pricing goes in all different directions and there’s nothing wrong with having the final device I would use. The other thing here is there will be no phone so I will use a SIP client like Skype or Google Voice from the iPad. Phones are not necessary whatsoever and just mean having to pack another set of cables.

One thing I will never leave is Google Photos. The ease of use and ability to load unlimited photos remains the thing that keeps me there. Also sharing albums with friends is so easy. A click and a URL and I’m there.

Now its just a wait for the washer and dryer to decide to be my best friends. Have you all ever noticed that minutes and seconds are different with these things? Minutes to a washer are longer and minutes to a dryer are shorter. I think that this is a cosmic rule when it comes to using these kinds of devices.

Go out and make it a good day for yourself today. For me, its camera Sunday!

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