Sunday was meant for Black and White

Today was black and white photography day in Palo Alto. I drove over after some morning chores and decided to shoot nothing but that on University Avenue in downtown. I visited a wonderful district with a lot of simply beautiful homes and then the edge of the downtown and residential district.

I really like the learning part of things with black and white and the custom Acros film simulation on my Fuji X series camera. It creates really nice depths of available colors and I setup the values a bit to get things more snappy.

Seems like I only really get Sundays out these days with the camera so I try to visit a place with a variety of settings to practice on. I may have to go back into San Francisco one of these days and perhaps spend the weekend and get a whole weekend of street shooting in across all the places that SF has for photography. A trip on one of the bay cruises would be nice too.

Finally, I like to take rather simple shots to capture regular things that I find on my strolls. It’s fine to find the great things but sometimes the shape and shadows and hues of black and white are striking to say the least.

I also share some of the work over on Instagram but my main photo sharing is on Google Plus using Google Photos these days. I have a collection there which I really enjoy posting to. If you don’t use Google Plus because you think its a ghost town or there are not many people there, you may be right. I have over 3000 followers though on my photo collection.

I also share on Facebook on occasion. I don’t particularly care any longer for Facebook because it seems the newsfeed is overtaken with pro and anti political things and the fun and funky things I used to enjoy seeing have gone away. That’s too bad.

LinkedIn is another one of those strange phenomena. I don’t understand it any longer so I don’t post technology news there. It used to be a serious professional networking site. I could read reviews on Apache, or open source, or databases or see jobs and serious discussion on jobs. These days, it seems it suffers with selfie posts, puzzles of word and math, and a variety of personal posts that either encourage or refute other people’s political and social thinking. It’s sad and one day I’ll just go away from there. The usefulness is getting lower there and I could see a time when I simply close my account. I wish I could lock the account for awhile and leave it that way much like what Facebook does.

On the subject of photo sharing, since I’m still learning how to do the photography thing, there’s a value in finding other’s posts on Instagram and seeing what they do with the FujiFilm X100F. It’s such a versatile camera and fun to use and learn. If you think photography is all about a smart phone, I think you may be missing some of the learning and flexibility and fun.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.

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