Ulysses is my Tool User’s Choice

I’ve been thinking a lot about a centralized publishing and writing application on my new ecosystem; namely Apple. The truth is that Apple devices whether they are MAC or IOS are very well suited for finding a single application which can provide service to write short-form articles or longer term book or story type publications. I’ve settled on Ulysses on my IPad Pro as the central environment from which I can do blog posts like this, write longer form stories, or diary and journal entries.

What does it take to have a single application that will provide a full and multi-faceted document creation and management environment? I’ll play back a huge error I made in Starbucks today and you can see what you do want.

I inadvertently deleted three years of journal posts in long text files which I painstakingly imported from google docs into Ulysses. I was mad and disappointed at the stupidity of what I had done. Then I remembered that I had chosen Ulysses for a reason. It does really nice backups and restores. So I launched the “manage” function and found the latest backups for my journals and restored them. This was the “huzzah” moment I must say. I then knew that Ulysses with its intelligent handling of backups and restores was my perfect thing. You can have a wonderful integrated environment but with no service wrapped around it, a stupid yet human error can bring it all down.

So the single application you want manages all that and when the time disaster recovery time comes you have the acid test of how it handles a oops. I got my files back with a single touch or maybe two. I became a happy camper at Starbucks and realized that I should not split the journal across multiple apps nor should I install a second app that may provide writing services. You want to find an application but you really want the service that backs it up and makes it relevant and useful. We are all tool users and the idea that a single thing with intelligent handling of my files really makes the subscription worthwhile to me. I don’t mind paying for a thing that provides a set of values and when disaster hints offers me a path.

Here is where it ends up at least for me.

The use of Ulysses is not just a text or writing application. It’s an integrated solution which lets me create but it also protects me from myself. I don’t want to lose things so if I split things across multiple applications or clouds I may lose sight of where a thing is or the latest. Multiple applications cause that faster because I will hunt which app was it that I put X or Y in.

When I go to travel first part of next year, I will want to record the things but have a place to track my things when I get ready to leave the US after my train trip across it.

If you are looking for an application and you are on this ecosystem, consider Ulysses. I moved ecosystems to IOS because I wanted that centralized set of tools that I believed Apple offered. Sure I could have done it all on Google Docs. But I wanted the presentation layer too. I wanted a thing which made creation fun and extended my use. I am not an Apple lover. I don’t really care for it one way or the other. What I do care about is the presentation of information it does and how the applications I have chosen extend across the available environments. If you are a tool user like me, a habilis by trade, you know. You don’t want to use a metate for a projectile point.

Find the tool that may work. It may surprise you when you weigh what it can do. I sure was.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.