Saturday Starts Here — Get in Line

The Saturday blogpost comes to you courtesy of a week spent considering a few things that have come my way.

The Raiders won! I am thankful for that 31 to 30 game because I think they needed it to maintain some kind of season and to show they are a team past rebuilding and have the champ stuff in them. I am not as big a fan as once when I would go to the games, drink a few beers, watch the fights in the stadium, and marvel at how some folks dressed up. At the zenith of the fighting season, I witnessed two women go at it down rows and rows of seats from me. The game was a losing affair and so was the fight since both got arrested and taken away. They also lost me to going since the violence and their back to back losing seasons were like twin whammies. That with rising prices for beer seemed to be a destiny thing when they lose. I bet if they studied it, beer and food prices go up when the winning season goes down.

End of October around the corner. Hard to believe yet true. I am down to the dual digits of time left to work. I can see a time when I simply float away and LinkedIn has a final position called “Gone”. That position will be the position from then on and I will be able to hit the road and start finding new things with my camera and life and all the other parts that are patiently waiting.

Minimalism in Technology. I spent a bit of time studying what device is the long-term keeper for on the road, in hotels and airports, and on trains or buses. It has to be the iPad Pro device I have now with the keyboard and pencil. The MacBook Pro went to someone that will use it. I’m left with two phones and the iPad Pro. This means things like cables are simpler and what I pack dwindles down to a lightning cable and a card reader plus a battery charger for my camera. It’s important to reach a finale in tech too and find the useful tools that can be packed away.

Relationships foo bar. I’ve come to realize since the post on friendship that I am no good at building and maintaining relationships or perhaps I suffer from egotism and narcissism like I expect. I am also terribly selfish and I admit openly to all these things. So when a person from the past shows up that is someone I thought was lost, its strange yet wonderful but I know not to read much into it. I don’t have relationship or friendship stuff to offer. I’m damaged goods and I know it.

Finally, there’s the work thing. The work thing which is affected by all the other things. I love the work thing but my days numbered there. I cannot see a path to staying longer not because of some suckage factor with work but a thing with me.

There’s a Saturday laid out in buttons and bows and temperatures in the 60s here. Beautiful fall weather and I’ll go soon to see my daughter and its all good. A Saturday spent reading and marveling a bit on things that go on and do not go on.

Shall we prepare to start the next thing? Why of course. No waiting and the line starts here.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.