Cord Cutting in the House that Mike Lives in

Cord cutting is complex you know. I have not had a cable TV subscription since 2015 and while we have comcast internet in the house I live in there is no TV. I like watching TV most nights so I have to find things to satisfy that itch.

Roku TV is the primary delivery agent. It allows one to have a OTA digital antenna hooked up so local over the air stations can be received. I get about 40 channels and most come in pretty good. I combine this with a choice of streaming channels to fill in. My primary streamers are:

Amazon Prime Video. This is a great alternative which comes with my prime package and I’m happy with how it works on the Roku.

SlingTV. This fills in a lot of spots for me and since I do spoil myself I tend to over spend during football season and get the entire sports lineup.

CuriosityStream. Nature, history, travel shows. I like the quality of this choice and it works very well for me.

Netflix is gone now. I cancelled it because I never watched it. For me, paying $12 a month for something I never watch was a bit much.

I also have a few other channels that the Roku offers and they have literally thousands of free channels for just about any taste. They have public and private channels. It’s fun to find some SciFi channel and watch for an evening and then move along to another free channel.

I’ve considered the value of the Roku streaming service for awhile now and there simply is nothing like it out there. It’s a platform agnostic thing which offers a variety of streaming sources. Even Google Play Movies! YouTube Red is also there since I have a Google Play Music account.

Have you considered cord cutting? It’s imminently doable but you need to have a few things. Prominent among them is good internet. I upgraded the internet in our house to a Google WiFi Mesh network and a new non WiFi comcast router. I get very consistent download speeds now and the streaming has never been so good. We have three hotspots. Two downstairs and one upstairs. It all works great and advertises the same hotspot wherever you are in the house.

The second is a streaming service that will offer a variety of services so you can mix and match. I like having OTA support so I have a cheap OTA antenna which receives up to 50 miles in my window of my room. It works like a treat for me.

Finally, if you want a solution that is platform agnostic try a Roku device. I don’t think Chromecast or Amazon Fire devices come close to what a Roku can do. The integrated TVs are nice. I have the 32 inch TCL Roku TV. It was cheap and its worked perfectly for over a year now.

Cord cutting works whether its voluntary or something that happens as you move around and have no real comcast TV service. Check out the solutions out there and find one that works for you.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.