Month: November 2017

Today is a big shopping day both in stores and online. I drove by a few stores today and did not see the lines but I can testify that my Friday breakfast spots were much busier. I ended up having my big meal breakfast at the Country Way Restaurant in Fremont which was nice. Always […]

It’s Thanksgiving. Long weekend with no work and a few things to be thankful for. I guess I think of the same things each year when the big holidays come around. This year though is different. There are things that are going to happen which change things up quite a bit. I always consider the […]

Planning for a long trip (not a vacation) means a few things. By long, I don’t mean rushing through 9 countries in 3 months and declaring done. Instead, one must adopt the slow pace to the countries and move in, take up residence, travel in the new home. I’ve set a few places now in […]

Fridays away from work are fine days for shooting some photos using my Fuji X Series Camera. I found some new Acros film simulation settings so have started visiting some places around here and taking more black and whites. There is a certain texture and completeness to the black and whites which I really enjoy. […]

I decided awhile ago to move from working to non working. It was about a year ago give or take. I knew then my time was limited doing IT and specifically IT Project Management. There’s something about it that’s demeaning and irritating, frustrating and anger producing. I realized that people should not do things that […]

This last week saw me give notice at my employer and completely change my travel plans. I started looking at what it was I wanted to do. I want to get completely away from the states to a cheaper place. My friend Robert at work says that the Bay Area is a special economic zone […]

The end of work time is approaching sooner rather than later. The planning accelerates now. I’ve let my employer know that I will be giving notice end of the year. By March of next year, I’ll be done here in the Bay Area and will be on the Amtrak seeing the country. This big ole […]

Early morning trains come and go just hundreds of feet from my room here. I sit in the mornings and listen to the lonely tunes the wheels and rails bump and grind. It’s one of those sounds each morning over coffee I consider. I can sometimes tell the difference of the amtrak and the freight […]