End of Work Means Start of Play

The end of work time is approaching sooner rather than later. The planning accelerates now. I’ve let my employer know that I will be giving notice end of the year. By March of next year, I’ll be done here in the Bay Area and will be on the Amtrak seeing the country. This big ole confused country that I currently live in. I have a plan for leaving here and now with the dates established, I can move to a second level of planning which is nailing down travel dates. I will be done with work by end of January but you all know how the last month is with short-timers attitude. I won’t be given new projects because I won’t be around to do them. They will hunt around for a new Program Manager and hopefully find a person. Or not. I’m not sure that most people value Program Managers and some will be glad I’m gone. I guess I am not easy to get along with but when are Program Managers supposed to be? We are supposed to create friction and measure what the company and technology and business needs are against the ultimate outcome of a project success.

Now I know I will be on the Amtrak early part of March next year going to see my mentor first. I can buy the ticket if I want and that kind of legitimizes the whole thing. It’s fun to look at a map of where Amtrak goes.

I know now I can go wherever I want and stay as long at each place. Once work is done in a matter of a few months, I won’t have to return after a vacation is over or come back to a project waiting for me or vendors not starting on things because I was not there.

So off I will go to Los Angeles first from Oakland and then up to see my friend and mentor RWR. I’ll stay as long as I want and then ride Amtrak from Los Angeles to Austin to see my friend Nancy. Then on to Chicago for some street photography in a new place. I’ll stay there for some bit of time and go on to New York and Boston.

Then its back to Seattle on the train to see the country in reverse on a different route. And then…

The long haul flight kicks off and a new adventure awaits in those other places I love. I’ve waited for so long for this time. It’s bittersweet in a few ways. I went through divorce and some bit of reconciliation but I never accepted the outcome of the thing. I will never accept it and will just live with how things ended up. The divorce judge said I was not getting enough in my 50%. He was wrong. I got the best 50% by getting the least. My possessions are really minimal and leaving here in a single backpack is not challenging. Now I know I get the best part of things and I just had to wait until things became the way I wanted. Such is life and living. Like my mom used to say “you have to make each moment count”.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.