Friday’s Fuji Fun Times

Fridays away from work are fine days for shooting some photos using my Fuji X Series Camera. I found some new Acros film simulation settings so have started visiting some places around here and taking more black and whites. There is a certain texture and completeness to the black and whites which I really enjoy.

There is subtle nature I believe to these settings and the contrast and edge jump right out. Much better than my earlier settings.

I’m still a basic and novice photographer but I sure enjoy my chosen camera. I think the Fuji X100F is a great learner’s camera. It’s small, the form factor easy to tote around on vacation and travels and such, and there are lens for it one can buy if so inclined.

There’s a coupe of favorite haunts of mine that I like revisiting because they are close. The first photograph is in Historic Niles and the second at a BART station in the east bay. Both offer interesting perspectives and I can wander around easily with the camera.

The architecture of being done or being built in the second area is cool.

Since its close, I can always head over there to test things out. I don’t worry about mess ups since its a 10 minute drive from where I live.

Next weekend after Thanksgiving, I’ll head into San Francisco for a day of street photography downtown, in China Town, and Union Square. May spend the night or just come back.

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