Month: December 2017

Time to write the end of the year blogpost. Perhaps reflect back on the year that 2017 was. A mix of good, bad, and other. I celebrated a year back blogging on after a absence of some bit of time from my self-hosted domain. I still have the WordPress backups of those posts but […]

Happy Holidays! Hope your days are good and you find happiness and success in the year to come. In yet other news because this is a blog and I should write some things as 2017 ends and a new thing gets ready to kick off. This is my last Christmas in the states for a […]

One of the remaining areas I started considering are shoes to wear on the road. I’ve looked around a lot and read reviews on walking shoes, different shoes folks have said were good for traveling. Lets be specific though. What is really needed is a shoe with low maintenance and not requiring re-purchase in 3 […]

There is a joy to the planning of a trip for the big items. Like the places to see on a two week jaunt in three cities in Japan, what restaurants I may want to get back to in Singapore, what old friends still may want time for a beverage in India. Then there are […]

Today I bought two sets of Shinkansen tickets for my trip in March. I’m traveling from Tokyo to Hiroshima and then from Hiroshima to Osaka around middle of the month. I bought the tickets online here and had them shipped home to me. Included was a ticket on the Narita Express which goes from Narita […]

There’s time to still consider things I am told. At work, I hear this. Are you sure this is what you want to do? I am so jealous but why Asia? What will you do after this fling? I thought through all the things before I decided to do something completely different. Work is just […]

Its a dongle life one way or the other no matter what device I decide to travel with. I’ve settled on a laptop which is the MacBook 12 inch 2017 model with a single Type C connector. It has a headphone jack too. A single Type C connector for all the “connectedness” that I may […]

Reading is good. I’ve read a few articles about whether holding a physical book is the best or whether one should get electronic bits and bytes for reading. I personally do not read that many physical books since I like the ease of having a Kindle Paperwhite device. These little devices make it easier to […]

I’ve given a lot of thought to steps in life. Steps take us either forward, sideways, or backwards. People I know are going in different directions. Some are keyed to steps at work. They feel that success at work means stepping to something new, something challenging. Perhaps a new consulting gig to tide them over […]