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Reading is good. I’ve read a few articles about whether holding a physical book is the best or whether one should get electronic bits and bytes for reading. I personally do not read that many physical books since I like the ease of having a Kindle Paperwhite device.

These little devices make it easier to travel and holding one is with one hand is painless. I enjoy the act of reading on it quite a bit. But, as usual, I wonder if there is a better way to read. Perhaps a device that can fulfill a variety of functions at the same time. Like a smaller form factor tablet. My favorite tablet of all time was the Google Nexus 7 tablet. I enjoyed how well the little thing was put together. I’ve embraced, albeit hesitantly, a new ecosystem by Apple. Its “i” this and that for me. So, I started looking at an iPad. I don’t want a 9.7 inch or 10.5 inch. If I want to get one it has to be small and easy to read on. Then I looked at the Apple iPad Mini 4.

The advantage to a tablet for reading is the rest of the ecosystem. I can combine devices when I leave and have one that does more. I have never held or used the Mini 4 but I believe the form factor would be better for reading. The idea of a brighter screen and being able to consume other media is attractive. The battery life seems good.

But what is better for reading? Which one will make reading better for me? I don’t know. I could get a tablet and the Apple smart cover for a little over $450 and probably could go cheaper if I found a used 64gb one. Apple stopped making those. Too cheap I guess 🙂

So, now I must consider whether to stay with my trusty Kindle or get another tablet. A few salient points arrive.

  1. the tablet has a good battery life I assume but I don’t think its near what the Kindle can do. I judge the Kindle wins the battery life contest.
  2. the kindle can only do one thing. I cannot listen to music on the same device or watch some movie or other. I can do that on a tablet like the Mini 4. The tablet wins this one.
  3. Portability. I think the kindle is smaller and more focused in use but the tablet offers more use. This is a tie.

I think I need to test one out and see how it is reading using the Kindle reader on it. The final fact when talking about using an application is that there is an ecosystem and application style behind the tablet and not so much with the Kindle. The Kindle does one thing. The tablet could fulfill a variety of functions.

I still don’t know why if I want to listen to music somewhere or read mail or do other things I could not just use my iPhone 7 plus. It seems big enough and I could probably just read on it too. There’s something about the screen size that throws me. Perhaps its a thing about it being a phone. I will have to consider.

Reading though is important and how I do it is. I have found so many books now for my Kindle I will not run out for months or even years.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.