Electronics and Support Gear – Capsule Workflow

This is part two of my capsule workflow. This post is oriented toward portable electronics I have selected for my travel. There are a few prerequisites that I decided on to fulfill the needs.

  1. The devices should be multiple use devices and should all fall in one OS and application ecosystem. I believe its difficult to have an Android phone with a iPad mini and a Macbook laptop because something as primary as my application ecosystem must synchronize and be available on all devices. By multiple use I mean that all should be able to be used for an intended purpose but also be extensible to other uses. My iPhone 7 plus is great at being a phone but its also a collaboration device, a consumption device, and its SIM unlocked so it can participate in various places easily. The iPad mini 4 is the same. I can read on it but also consume stuff easily and with a device with a portable foot print. Finally, my 12 inch MacBook is a great device for this as long as you extend its single Type C port with a dongle that can hold memory cards, USB, ethernet, and power.
  2. Power supply is a basic need here. The devices are nothing if you cannot reliably charge them in different places. To satisfy this, I’ve gone with an international adapter and a 3 port surge arrest. In that I plug in two things. One is the 4 port USB adapter which will do iPhone, iPad, and camera charging as well as my chosen bluetooth headphones and my MacBook charger.

One primary need for the two things is portability. I’ve gone back and forth on what bluetooth headphones I should bring. I’ve tested any number on all three devices and there was always something I liked less. I am no audiophile or have a demanding need. I want a single device that is of high quality that can be used in multiple settings. I don’t mind paying if I get that. The next area of portability is how all this stuff is carried. A single pouch with a zipper is ideal for the following items:

  1. International Adapter and Surge Arrest
  2. 4 Port USB charger of a reliable nature (Anker or Aukey)
  3. Two lightning cables (one for phone, one for iPad)
  4. Two micro USB cables (one for headset and one for camera)
  5. Camera charger unit

All of this must fit in a large zipper pouch which can be stored in my Tortuga Outbreaker backpack. With all this, I have the necessary technology to hit the road and maintain the needs I have to charge and use devices. I like to have these devices available for use and I get a lot of joy out of my MacBook and iPad mini.

A final thing for the electronic workflow is to practice packing it all in a larger zippered pouch. I’ve traveled with the same stuff before so I kinda know it fits but when you are gonna hit the road with only a carry-on, I think practicing makes perfect. Selecting the right gear to pack including a zippered pouch and the backpack is key. Both things should be flexible and easy to maintain. I believe the Tortuga Outbreaker is just that.

This concludes my second post on capsule equipment for electronics. My final post will be on support items and their workflows that I will want to carry to maintain comfort, keep money and cards safe, and also ensure that there is security to my ephemeral existence.

Stay tuned!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.