The Electrical Lifeforce and other Thoughts

I’ve been spending a few days considering things like what basic electrical adaptors and USB chargers are best for me. Here’s the scenario. You don’t want to carry a bag that has so many adaptors and plugs and doodads. You don’t want to carry multiple things when one will do. You have to find devices which will power and empower you and your devices. I bought a few things now which I have come to find out will not work overseas or are not specifically supported by their own website or on Amazon to work. Electricity is something to be careful with here folks. You are gonna tap into electrical systems in countries which vary wildly. Find a reputable travel site or blog and read what works that they report on. I found this site which lists the devices recommended. I opted for two of them:

  1. MAKETECH Compact Aluminum 2-Outlet Travel Power Strip. This device handles a multiple number of functions which I find very useful. It has two American plugs and it also has three USB chargers.
  2. Flight 001 4-In-1 Adapter. This thing is all color-coded so the forgetful nature I have should not be able to miss this thing.

Remember that neither of these convert power but only adapt and provide. Be sure your devices support the 110 to 240 levels that you plug in.

So lets talk use cases for the MakeTech device Flight 001. This device plugs into the Flight 001 4 in 1 adaptor in the wall in a hotel room. It provides outlets for me for my 12 inch Mabook and for my camera battery charger. There are three USB ports on it as well. These ports will hold my iPad mini 4 and my iPhone 7 plus cables as well as the cable to charge my camera and my headset by switching the adaptor for Type C at the end off or on.

I’ve eliminated the need to carry a completely separate 4 port USB charger with this configuration! I may just buy a second MakeTech device and pack away to ensure things remain stable.

Main Lesson Learned

Be careful out there. Some devices and doodads look too good to be true. Read the specifications but also read real user reviews on Amazon. People have experienced the devices and reported and have probably done what you are gonna do.

I also wanted to limit the number of electrical plugs and adapters to carry. The MakeTech appears to do just that. But read the device stuff and be sure. I will not really know until I am sitting in my room in Hanoi and I want to charge my iPhone. But I can do some preliminary research and ensure the things I’m buying will work reliably.

In Other News…

A few other interesting tidbits from the life of Mike and his places. My manager at work asked me just the other day to extend a month to help finish a project. Totally unexpected but the money is nice! Now I will stay gainfully employed until the last day I am here. Thanks company! My wallet thanks you a bit too.

I also paid off my car loan Friday. A major milestone was reached and I am now debt free for the first time in years. No more revolving and interest bearing debt with credit unions. Now I can transfer the car to my daughter before I pull this plug.

I also realized that I will be very glad to leave this place. The whole degrading thing with Trump in office really makes the USofA look bad. We look like we are spiraling around in some lower arc with less morals and convictions and values. How is it possible I wonder? Its past the comics posted on Facebook. We just seem to be lost and wandering in a dark place where conspiracy theories and alternate realities drum beat our days. I’m sorry everyone. We’re not all that way. Its almost MLK day and he said not to judge by the color of the skin but the content of the character. We seem stuck on the first thing. Will we ever get to the second? Maybe in 2020. Will I be back then? I don’t know. Is there something to come back to?

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