I blog therefore I am… I guess

I’ve read a few blogs that I follow of late which record some reason to blog as being successful, finding more followers, some kind of financial benefit, or a desire to “get ahead”. I admire the goals that some people have writing these things and if they know a way to get ahead doing a blog, I think they should go for it. Do reviews of restaurants or hotels? Do travel blogging and become digital nomads? Great. Include Adwords? Fantastic. Happy for you.

As I sit over the morning coffee that my Chemex dutifully delivered I thought about my reasons to write these things. I’ve been doing this since about 2001 when I started at Advogato which is gone now after a great run of letting a variety of people report on news, create journal entries, rate others. It was a fun place to record things I was doing way back then as I worked at a Startup during the dot.com boom days.

Then I worked at Technorati for awhile as it rated the most authoritative bloggers and also highlighted rising stars. This was done using a model they developed. I left there with questions though. Why does a blog have to be successful? What happens if no one reads it? How many blogs are started with the first Hello post that WordPress does and then simply discarded like so much detritus left in the backwashes of this digital world?

It was then I knew that I did not do this to reach a number of readers or to measure success or make money. I did this because I wanted to do this and I felt compelled to write time and again. There is nothing here you have to subscribe to. No Google Adwords or asking you to donate via PayPal links.

I do this only to record my passage of time, the thoughts that crease this brow, the stories I like to find and build here. None of this is likely to produce a financial highlight nor was it ever meant to. I do this not because I like to but because I have to. I’ve realized linking in or seeing someone link to my blog out there means nothing to me. I like people that comment or that follow my blog but I don’t do this that for that reason.

Simply put, I do this because I have to do this. I do this because I love to do this for its sake alone and if you choose to read or not; that’s your choice of reading or following. I bought the domain with no expectation of financial or personal remuneration. I did the domain because I wanted to. I bought the personal service because I wanted to.

You will never see Adwords or links to donate here folks. Simply because this blog ain’t good enough and I don’t desire that. I don’t really write for any of you but if you find something in what I write and choose to follow, thanks! I am like the 5 pound chicken trying to lay the ten pound egg. Sometimes it gets unbearable and I have to turn to this media. I feel the need to create and document as this life force within me calls for the discussion.

No one expects anything and I don’t deliver on expectations. I am busy trying to get rid of responsibilities not gain more. If you blog for another reason, great. The world and WordPress are open to you. I’m just saying I don’t and never will.

Hang in there. The blog will become more obtuse as we go 🙂

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.