Traveling and Walking with Sound

Lately I’ve been looking at the portability of choices especially for listening to music on my travels. Bluetooth headphones are essential to me since having some cable that runs to an adapter on my iPhone is not ideal. Nor is a cable around my neck or between the earbuds. When I go walking for over an hour a day or like last night for two hours, I want something that can be easily used and then maintained afterwards. I’ve had cables snagged on tree or bush branches, got cables all twirled around in a mess, and had to carefully place expensive bluetooth headsets into a type C or micro USB cable to charge which just adds another thing to manage.

Since I’ve simplified to a two device footprint that are apple devices, I decided to go with these little guys.

There are a few reasons why these fit the bill for me. First off, they are easily transportable to the point of being able to be lost and I’ll cover that in a moment. Second they fit into the choices I made very easily since the case is a charger and the case takes a lightning cable which makes it fit inside a traveling ecosystem. Third off, the sound and pairing is excellent to my non-discriminating and audiophile ears and they do not pop out of my ears. Finally, no cables or distractions from actually listening to the music.

One of the points though is tracking and keeping these things. By themselves, I could see just losing track of them in a rush to pack or leave a coffee shop or something. I started looking for something to help me remember to pack or hook these to the inside of a daypack or my Tortuga Outbreaker. Enter the PodPocket case which comes in handy colors from my travel buddy Amazon here. The case I bought is the blazing red one like this.

The attraction thing is the color and the keyring and still maintaining the portability of doing the primary stuff with it. Simply place the whole thing in the daypack or pocket or attach via the keyring. I think its harder to lose a thing that is bright red and cries out for attention.

I’ve read others that downplay the audio quality and claim you have to carry another device for X or Y reason. I don’t see that. I listen to music with them on my iPhone 7 plus and I hear all the wonderful sounds. They seem to stay active with no cutouts and the quick maintenance and placement into a case is the best. Charging in the car is easy as well and I can quickly slip them into the case which charges them.

Perhaps they do not have some audiophile quality sound but these tech things are still emerging and how we use them is too. The AirPods are just a update to a bunch of cables and chargers and leave me feeling more productive and able to enjoy music faster. I am not real Apple lover but I chose the ecosystem because of the devices which do not take up space when traveling. Having the 12 inch 2017 MacBook and the iPhone 7 plus lets me go with things in a compatible technology. I can take or read notes on Ulysses on my iPhone or read a story that I have started working on.

The AirPods are just a generational leap forward and perhaps in a year there is something else better. For me, having a set of devices which link up by opening and store the configurations in iCloud mean an ease of travel.