The Time Gets Closer

Only a few days left before I leave the states. Hard to believe that the time has almost come to be done with work and leave for Japan. My travel is all booked but the things I will do are random. Turn left or right. See a block of small neighborhood businesses or go to a large historic site. All up for negotiation!

I have 5 days in Tokyo. I booked the time because I wanted to burn out the work thing in some days of walking one of my favorite places. I feel like I need to get rid of the Microsoft Project GANTT charts, get away from the trinity of project colors (red, yellow, green) and also be done with the meetings and webex calls.

I started thinking perhaps of how I got to this time and place. How the times since about 2009 created the desire. I never did know how I would do it back then. In 2011, I returned to India, Singapore and Japan for a shorter trip. I think I knew then that I could not just stay in the Bay Area and expect happiness. My marriage was broken and the pieces were sharp and painful. I still lived at home and that was perhaps the worst part. It took me until 2014 to move out. When that happened, my vacations started again. I set a goal to visit a number of west coast cities and walk them and I accomplished that last year with my trip to Vancouver.

But I knew a bigger thing was out there. In looking back with only 4 days to go before I leave I realize that without the current work, it never would have happened. Things had to occur in a set of manner with sets of next steps. And they did! The steps all completed and its left me at the end of February with only days to go.

I’ve heard the term “gap year” a few times. Heard the term digital nomad and ex-pat and any number of terms referring to a set of conditions and how a person can carry forward with an absence from school or work. Perhaps a remote career awaits in media or communication or creation. Maybe the desire is to find a new home. I’ve realized I am none of those things. I am instead a vagabond and hobo of the life ways. A walker of a path that started to form in 2009 and then was blurred or hidden until now.

An amazing thing has happened. My tomorrow has come true. Perhaps I always believed it would but there were years in there where I doubted. Where the times were hard and unhappy. All of that has changed and I find myself at the edge of a step I have been waiting for.

I don’t know that I will write again before I go. I fly to Tokyo on 1 March and then on to Hanoi Vietnam on 16 March. No more business trips with their carefully mandated arrivals and departures. Now its up to me and my desires. Stay here or to there. Get to India or stay longer in Thailand. I don’t know.

And that’s a good thing.