Packing it all up

Its final packing time if you are someone like me. I leave in a few days and this trip is not a common round the world thing or a backpacker stopping in hostels thing. Its a different method and I think it requires slightly different packing than the usual trip. I have been a carry-on guy for years so nothing changes there. The goal though is not to limit myself with my choices but instead to carry the things of value I will want to have in my travels. I settled on a travel backpack some time ago which is this one. There are reasons for this particular bag over others. Here’s a few I have found and a few downsides to consider as well.

Pros of the Tortuga Outbreaker.

  1. This bag is made well. There is a lot of thought put into what it does and how it does it.
  2. The bag has a lot of organization and you can pack intelligently to separate but yet contain the items you are taking.
  3. You are not marked as a roller bag tourist!
  4. The weight of the items in the bag is placed across your body and not just shoulders.
  5. The bag is 45L and that’s the sweet spot to carry on.
  6. You can carry that extra stuff you need
  7. The packing cubes sold by Tortuga fit well inside the main compartment

Cons of the Tortuga Outbreaker.

  1. The bag is heavier. You pay for the organization with more weight.
  2. The backpack straps do not hide away
  3. You may be tempted to pack way more than what you need

I also pack my daypack flattened inside the Outbreaker. The daypack is useful at a destination for carrying camera, hoodie, food items, water. Its the Tortuga Daypack.

I carry a personal item as well. I have the Tortuga Outbreaker Duffle. The bag is meant as a personal item so I carry things like a small pouch for electrical cables, an iPad Pro, a kindle and a few other things. This bag is rated at 25L so when I start doing shorter trips I can pack a weekend worth of clothing easily and leave the big stuff behind at my new place. I already have a trip planned to Halong Bay later this year.

The Duffle has no real negatives other than its one big internal container with a single pouch or pocket. I can put the stuff in it I will need on the flight to Japan and not have to continue to access my Outbreaker in the overhead bin.

The fun part is that I already know it all works because I’ve packed. I bought new t-shirts, new socks, new underwear, shorts and a pair of pants. Already packed away I know that things work. The fun part is that I still have space in the Outbreaker for things. Small things mind you :-).

Now I just wait for a few days to pass by. Stop with the work and return the work gear. Get rid of some stuff in my room and be done with that. Head toward the hotel I have for one night by the airport here.

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