Steps to Take

When its time to go. The room empties and the thoughts are full of the leaving. My daughter looks at me with both a questioning and happy look. I’ve thought about the moment to leave for years actually. Back in 2011, I routinely thought I would be at a point when I would leave the states for some period of time and get something back which had been lost in translation. By 2014, I saw the path but there were things needed. I got those things done by 2016 with the last job. It meant getting the money and transferring to full-time and enjoying the work being asked to be done.

Then in 2017 I paid of the last credit card debt. About a year ago I saw the debt from 4 years before get paid off completely and I had the feeling that pounds had been shed and I could start looking at what remained. I wanted a few things out of 2017:

  1. Money and savings. I wanted an amount of money as a safety net that would let me travel but not really be used unless necessary.
  2. Pay off the car and any recurring debt. There were no credit cards and if I could impart one piece of advice is to not give in and get them. I met the goals to pay off one debt and then I paid the car off in 2018.
  3. File for social security retirement after my birthday and be satisfied with the monthly pay out. While I feel that the actual amount would never work here; in the places I will go, I will have sufficient funds to last me.
  4. Plan the trip. Planning the trip was the most fun guys! I was able to decide I did not want 90 countries in 3 months. I wanted a slower pace that would let me sit in a coffee shop for a day or by the lake in Hanoi and read or try creating new content. I wanted countries and to travel using rail and bus service where possible.
  5. Execute the requirements and watch the final date arrive. The final voila of all violas. The date arrives and the room I have lived in for almost 2 years empties. By tomorrow the remaining physical stuff is donated and recycled in a good way. I’ll be down to two bags. This is where the sweet spot is for me.

So all the tick marks have been checked almost and today I sit in the room writing the post with tomorrow being the last day of work. No more meetings until I leave tomorrow. No more work. I am so thankful for a few of the points above to be able to leave work behind on my terms.

Perhaps I over-planned things but when I make a change like this I want both planning and random events. I want to turn left on the street in Tokyo when the subway station is to the right. I want to get lost with my camera in Osaka and see the thing which was withheld. As you can see, I only mentioned Japan. The two weeks in Japan is meant to get through some of the work stuff and be out walking the way I like each day. Seeing cities and getting back to a place I have missed since the last time in 2011.

The blog will change and my stories will take hold. I already have outlines for a few of them. I always meant this blog to be different than my previous outings where my self-hosted domain held over a decade of detritus. This was meant to be the take-off spot for a new thing. Old detritus need not apply.

My journey of one starts on Thursday. This Thursday. It’s time to reclaim the miles and the sights and the walking and seeing. It’s been since 2011 since I revived my acquaintance with Japan. It’s still there silently waiting to greet my steps with all the places I have not been and a few that I have like Lion Beer Hall in the Ginza.

But a 1000th step requires the first one and the 500th one. You cannot skip ahead to a thing and not pay the fees. I’ve paid a number of fees. Now its time to take the steps.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.